Mmmmm, back thinking about Lucy Gaskell again! Sorry got distracted there for a mo’. Where was I…..?

So I had the dentist today, which wasn’t too bad because I only had a minor amount of drilling, no injections and no major work done. On the down side this meant I only spent 1 1/2 hours with my dentist and she was particularly tactile today, I’m putting that down to having shaved the ‘tache off, I must be irresistable! Anyway no I resisted the urge to jump on her in the waiting room (I’m a classy guy, me!) but she was looking good today and I never noticed how green her eyes are, I guess it’s probably as common in asian people as it is in caucasians but I haven’t come across it before and it’s quite foxy. Then again I am a sucker for green eyes, something mischievious about them that is rather alluring, still that’s enough of that. I won’t see my dentist now until September ish which is 3 months away, so that’s a bit of a shame and now I have no ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card from the blood donation in August! Still she does have my email address, not that she’ll use it tho’ there are probably strict rules on that sort of thing but one lives in hope!

I suspect for those of you who have been dipping into this blog for more than a couple of days it will come as no surprise that the productivity started to wear off today. I was back to normal at work, my brain was still functioning reasonably well but I could feel that it quite fancied a bit of a rest now thank you very much! Still I have been reasonably chipper the last day or so this is mainly because I am effecting a strategy of fingers in the ears and “naa naa naa I can’t hear you” when it comes to the money front. You might think this highly irresponsible but when you know there isn’t any more money what are you going to do? You can choose to worry about it or not, actually that’s not strictly true, I can choose not to worry about it now but in a few days I will probably wake up in a cold sweat and have a quick panic about it.

At the Respect meeting this evening the mood was reasonably positive. The emphasis was on some good results and the breakdown of where we had done well and where badly. We also had to put things into context regarding the BNP % because in the region they did quite strongly and whilst they don’t normally stand candidates in our area there is every likelihood that they will now. There is also a by-election coming up soon in Leicester South which is one of the areas we did particularly well on Sunday so there’ll be some work to get on with.

I’m glad that locally people are still up for it, it looks like we all felt the same when we saw the initial result but we’ve regrouped and seem ready for the next step. We’ve made some plans and we now have time on our side before the next General Election so we have to get things moving. It is the National level that I want to see, the main characters, the policies, the party structure this will determine the future of whether we as a movement will survive.

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i can’t remember if i had mentioned this before, so i’ll say it again: i’ve always had a problem with dentists, simply because i don’t like people poking their fingers in my mouth with metal hooks and drills. and if my tongue has a nervy-spaz, they just might cut it off….yech!
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