Over the last 6 months I have read a lot of blogs and found many to be unutterable tripe but equally there are some quality pieces of writing too. Many people take the time and have as it is creative talent to write worthwhile or poignant things. I have therefore been forced to acknowledge my own limitations in this area as my ability is somewhat 2 dimensional in this regard, so I’m not going to go down in history as the blogger who changed the world… damn!

I have therefore resolved that my only chance for immortality be it infamy and notorioty I care not, is through Blog Diving -and not just the act itself, no, as no-one else has claimed ownership of the term ‘blog-diving’ and since I claim to have invented it (and I can as a consequence show the lexical influence that led me to its inception) I have decided that I am going to attempt to foist this as the accepted phrase for people who blog-dive -that is to say the Redbarons, Pimmes, Karens, Tines of this world who spend time reading other people’s blogs and leaving comments etc. I have found it an enjoyable pastime, to such an extent that I am rather proud of my achievement at having been in the Top 5 commentors for months now. [Speaking of which – Sayonara Aiken, but why?]

I am not entirely sure how you get the OED to accept a word into the language, The cast of Goodness Gracious Me managed it with ‘Chuddies’ so I am drawing hope from that, I do not however have the exposure of that show. This is where you come in – look into my blog, listen only to my voice, you are going to use the term ‘blog-diving’ whenever you can and when asked whence it came you will magnanimously refer back to the Baron, now when I finish this paragraph you will not remember reading this but you will remember the phrase ‘Blog-Diving’ and where you read it.

Back again, splendid now where were we, ah yes politics…….!

Oh and if you happen to be passing this weekend -you may indeed be the 5000 visitor to the Red Baron’s blog. Usual rules apply leave your details and you too could be adorning the Redbaron’s milestone links which are an exclusive band indeed. Go on you know you want to. Be like ….

Ok I’ll grant you it’s a shite pic but it was all I could come up with in time!

Song Of The Day – Radiohead ~ Black Star

Original Comments:

protagonist made this comment,
don’t worry, red, we’re still here but just not activly blogging for the time being due to circumstances beyond our control. you can’t shake us from the top spot so easily.

[Redbaron responds =Now that is dastardly, you remove all entries including the gutter links and I can’t remember the other address, I think you’ve gone and the principle positive is that you’ll finally be toppled from your perch and no you do not even give me that last satisfaction. Well that’s just typical of people in their 20s isn’t it no bloody respect for the wishes of their elders! As for these circumstances, I take it that refers to the fact that S is no longer in the same continent as he was? See, I was paying attention!]

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 02:43 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
*Just doing my part to keep the interlopers out of the Top 5 ;^)* I’ll probably fall off next week while I take a vacation, so don’t think I died or anything. Hehe!
Visit me @ http://pimme.blog-city.com

[Redbaron responds -Yes well, I’ve been thrown false hope before, specifically the aiken incident -and spot who’s still at the top?! However yes it would be nice, you pop of and enjoy yourself, everybody else is, you leave the poor old Baron here posting comments on cobwebbed blogs as everyone suns themselves!]

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 02:54 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
well, first, i’d like to thank you for your support during my temporary insanity on my latest blog. as far as the blogger who changed the world (**) i think that’s in the eye’s of those who read, and feel better after a dive in your blog!
Visit me @ http://palmysinfullbloom.blog-city.com

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 04:27 GMT+01
Shane made this comment,
Hi Baron, I have returned to the world of text albeit not very excitingly(that a word?). I promise i’ll write something more interesting in the next day or so. Blog-diving then, that like muff-diving without the mess??? :0
Visit me @ http://the gagreflex.blog-city.com

[Redbaron responds – …..and without the kickback though!]

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 13:24 GMT+01
David S made this comment,
I don’t think I will use the term blog-diving, basically it sounds a bit rubbish and very capitalist to me.
Visit me @ http://glasgowdave.blog-city.com

[Redbaron responds -and a Bah Humbug to you to GD, Capitalist? I think you’re just trying to wind me up -don’t do it again!]

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 13:54 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
ello mate!
Thats a very very very very interesting idea! ill have to look into that one!
Just to make this the most random comment that mister and mrs blog diver (TM redbaron 2004) wil ever see, I do have a bowler hat, and im not afraid to use it.
Leave it with me and ill see what i can do
BTW i should be updating my story soon if your interested.
Visit me @ http://bobred.blog-city.com

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 14:27 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
ive just checked out what you were talking about and its in the security zones thing which is only available in premium blogs. Im not a premium user at the moment as i have no credit card and ive heard bad things about paypal. Iwill upgrade tho, honest! its on my to do list! Btw ive just switched on my brand spanking new blog board! be the first to christen it!
Visit me @ http://bobred.blog-city.com

comment added :: 19th June 2004, 15:33 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
:does little dance:
:uses some obscure smiley that dosent show up:
:types *bang* for no reason:
:followed by :
Cheers mate
Bob Red

:adds long quote from movie that he thinks is cool but takes up more lines than his actual comment. infact his signature line is the entire script of pulp fiction!:

[sorry, im spending far too much time on forums!!]

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comment added :: 19th June 2004, 20:02 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Moi? trying to wind you up, surely not, but surely randomly commeting just to keep you into the top 5 commenters is not very equalitaian, nobody, prizes are bad things.

[Redbaron responds – No randomness it’s all part of the master plan, method in the madness my dear Glasgow Dave! Besides if I were randomly commenting all over the shop I’d be top of the list and I’ve actually slipped to 4th today]

comment added :: 20th June 2004, 12:02 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
sorry it must be because I’m tired that caused the end of that comment appear to be almost randomly selected words not proprely constructed into a sentence.
Glasgow Dave

[Redbaron responds -I know that you are enjoying your new student lifestyley but it might be an idea to go to sleep once in a while!]

comment added :: 20th June 2004, 12:07 GMT+01