Now you may or may not know that I am quite anal about my blog titles, I like to get them exactly right, it’s the repressed copywriter in me I can’t help it. I like to have a combination of humour and relevance if I can and sometimes I write a blog and I can’t come up with a title and it drives me mental because it feels like the blog is incomplete without something I can look on at the top. Anyway recently I’ve been ok the titles aren’t too bad one or two have been dare I say quite good, but I feel a mood coming on and I suspect I may struggle so I thought I’d do a series of one-word titles and see whather it changed the blog at all. I have one queued up but other than that I’ll be writing from scratch. We shall see how it transpires, the first one obviously was easy.

Why am I getting into a mood, well actually it must just be that time of the Male month because other than a bit of gip in me back I am under much the same pressures as I have been since the pay ran out and I have manged to keep a cool head while those about me here were losing their’s. Perhaps that is it, since the ex took the kids off for their Summer hol today and muggins is left behind the combination of not seeing the little blighters coupled with the fact that I don’t have to try to put on a brave face now means that I’m letting my guard down. It hasn’t happened yet but you know when you have those days where insignificant little things piss you off more than they should and where you don’t feel energised to do anything? You have them? Yeah well today is one of mine and it is usually the portent of what is to come. It may not materialise mind, last week was it that I blogged in a funny mood where I couldn’t decide which way it was going to swing, that one went away in the end and I was ok again so this may be the same.

As regards the Powerman 5000 -we had a winner this afternoon and it was one’s old pal Oddjob Bobred. You all have a sick sense of humour -it was on 4999 for bloody ages, I even fecked off for a cup of tea at one stage!

Song Of The Day – The Strokes ~ Last Nite

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CNBGirl made this comment,
re your post on my blog, there are 2 ways to do it:
1. add this code:
you would see a mini windows media player with the stop & play buttons. but you also have the option to hide it.

2. this one uses flash:
create your flash movie and add your music. 😉

comment added :: 20th June 2004, 03:13 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
I am power man.
I lie in wait… on the blogs, on the forums, watching, waiting, for the hit couners to roll to 4999. And then i strike with my razor rimmed bowler hat!! Mwahhhaaaahhhaaha!
Cheers mate!
BTW Im glad ive found someone who appreciates the twist of nature that is the van der graaf double crown!! I feel the pain!
Ps… now the party is over, whos gonna take that sleeping drunk guy home! hes laying right across my blog!

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comment added :: 20th June 2004, 12:53 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
I always prefered Rob Zombie to Powerman 5000. ;^)
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comment added :: 20th June 2004, 22:30 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
actually, i DID notice that your blog titles always have some significance to your entry. very cool.
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comment added :: 21st June 2004, 01:18 GMT+01