Isn’t it strange how from one day to the next you can view yourself completely differently in the mirror. It stands to reason therefore that other people will view you differently as well depending on their, or conceivably your, mood at any given time. Do we see ourselves as looking the same as the way other people see us? Is it possible that at times we cast a far more critical eye over our appearance based on what we know may be within, it must therefore also be true that perhaps we sometimes have rose-tinted specs on ourselves whether wanting to boost our confidence or just an innate self-belief that may or may not be unfounded.

We can see the same person differently based on feelings cumulatively after all this is how we may come to find someone less attractive than we feel they used to be because of what may have happened in between. It is particularly the case in, tho’ not restricted to, relationships, likewise over time feelings may grow for someone with whom you are not in a relationship that originally you did not feel attracted to.

What is it that I want to do, change other people’s perception of me or my own perception of myself?

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Rachel made this comment,
in my opinion, there’s nothing scarier than waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and making a startling discovery…”who is that looking back at me?”
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haywood made this comment,
quite the stickey wicket, preception comes from all angles, and what we may precieve is only our own preception.
(great topic man, I’ll toke one for ya)


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