It may or may not interest you to know that it is very nearly 9 years since I last slept with someone that wasn’t my ex, (and it’s been a fair old while since I slept with my ex for obvious reasons) regular readers may actually be able to glean much more from that small snippet of information knowing what they do about me. It’s like one of those logic puzzles where you piece together all the bits and make crosses and ticks on the chart until you are left by a process of elimination to the conclusion that Ann is Peter’s older sister and has a green frog rather than a red car. Eventually if I blog for long enough my whole life will probably be contained herein and there’ll be no need for me to live anymore because you’ll be able to work out what happened next based on precedent.

I didn’t know whether I should tell the opening fact, it is not especially interesting nor particularly significant, I do not kiss and tell, well not unless there’s a bloody good reason anyway. I am also aware that if you go down this route of the revealing facts you have to be careful not to get into self-indulgent blog the dangers of which have already been highlighted by Comrade Sunshine. I agree it is not an inexorable path but a danger nonetheless. I am not however at heart a secretive person I am usually very open and I think pretty honest, if I don’t have a reason to dislike you then I will like you until there is cause to revise that decision. I would like people to remember me as an affable, passionate, loyal, caring, humerous, talkative bloke and whilst they may know that I can be lazy, depressive, disruptive, obstinate, selfish, disorganised, self-absorbed, insensitive and dogmatic, oh and more than just a touch insecure, I hope they will not think of these latter as being overriding traits of my character. I consider myself to be relatively self-aware I know I have many faults and I know I need to work on them, the trouble is that I know that I am not a malicious person, I do not mean anyone harm and I assume wrongly that everyone I come into contact with somehow knows this. Thus I get offended very easily if people are stand-offish or distrusting. I grant you in this world presently to be very trusting may not be seen as favourable or even especially wise but what is the alternative? Well I guess the alternative is all too self-evident and this country is surely one of the worst proponents. I am not comfortable with the belief that everyone is out to screw you, hurt you, kill you regardless of whether they are or not I simply feel that you cannot base a life around this premise otherwise none of us would ever have friends at all.

Finally Vai Portugal, Ao menos nós não teremos que pôr acima com as bandeiras sangrentas mais longas, e pesaroso Jaime Sunshine mas eu sou doente do nationalism inglês!

Song Of The Day – Dodgy ~ Cold Tea

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Rachel made this comment,
you know, what a coincidence, i WAS wondering just how long it had been since you had slept with someone…thank you for filling me in. 🙂
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comment added :: 25th June 2004, 03:38 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
yea, we were wondering too!
thanks! good to know!
the philosophy of the protagonists: masterbation is sex with someone you already know you love. yea!
comment added :: 25th June 2004, 05:16 GMT+01
ryan made this comment,
WEEELLL I didnt need to now that
and whats with this: Finally Vai Portugal, Ao menos nós não teremos que pôr acima com as bandeiras sangrentas mais longas, e pesaroso Jaime Sunshine mas eu sou doente do nationalism inglês! thingy?
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Katie made this comment,
Is the stand offish comment directed at me? Hope not you know how busy things have been. Finished exams now…I suck but never mind. Going to Brighton with J tomorrow so won’t get chance to check emails etc as plan to get v pissed this evening. Hope you’re feeling better.
Love Kate xx
[Redbaron responds – No dear, nothing to do with you, comments about you will be made directly where necessary -insecure yes, gutless no. You get v. pissed, I may even do the same before the Famille arrive back tomorrow.]

comment added :: 25th June 2004, 16:26 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
hey man, i was also wondering how long it has een since you last slept with someone…
i was also wondering if you had any idea about the strange numbers next to some peoples names? its like we are all cyber prisoners or something…eeek…(have deleted my number, am i bad?)
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[Redbaron responds – It was……. no wait the serum is wearing off…. what was the question? No fecking way am I answering that, a Baron must have some air of mystery. As for the nos. I think they’re our RSS nos. which appear to have been appended, I deleted mine too but then that’s ‘cos I a bad motherfucker!]

comment added :: 25th June 2004, 20:19 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
tee hee hee!!!
and hurrah for bad motherfuckers!!!
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comment added :: 26th June 2004, 01:00 GMT+01
The Skunx made this comment,
How did you delete it?
Let me know.

comment added :: 27th June 2004, 08:26 GMT+01