Le Diner de Cons

Francis Veber

  —   5.99   —   DVD / VHS

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This is a very funny film, it displays much of the best facets of French comic cinema. Thierry Lhermitte I remember from Les Ripeaux which is my favourite French film ever. He plays a stuffy middle-class person very well and the demolishing of his sophistication in Le Diner de Cons is a joy to watch, the film manages to stay away from the trap the American films fall into and we find the ‘Con’ almost as frustrating as the protagonist does. The French like most Europeans seem able to do farce without it degenerating into idiocy. You can now get the DVD from Amazon at around £15 but at £5.99 the video is top value and well worth it. Your French doesn’t have to be great to understand it the subtitles are more than adequate but it will add an extra dimension if you can understand the original. I strongly recommend this film to anyone who just wants a good laugh you won’t go far wrong.