Well, not proper catastrophes but since I am still in one-word title mode it seemed apposite. Firstly ebay caught up with me again, they always seem to manage it when I am selling lots of stuff, this is a real bollocks because I spent fucking ages over the w/e listing shit and now I feel that the kids missed out on their time for nothing. Don’t bother asking why ebay hunt me down, I don’t rip people off I just didn’t pay my sellers fees some time ago and they got pissed off and I got pissed off and they suspended me – I don’t even remember the email address I was using then anymore but ever since then I register with a diff. set of details and I play ball and pay the fees because I simply need to list the stuff and eventually they catch up with me and suspend me in a guilt by association thing. Anyway each time they get me it gets a little more tricky because my best mate and I have run out of credit cards now (he’s suspended for the same reason as well!) It’s irritating because this one had been going since Feb. and I’d been very good, in fact yest. I paid them £20 for fees -surprising how they didn’t suspend me before that point eh? It’s also annoying because I keep racking up positive feedback and then have to start again. But the time is definitely the worst part the amount of time it takes to figure out setting up a new account, if I’m able to do it this time, and then to list all the stuff again, is a right bitch. It is really the worst possible time for this to happen as well because I was getting quite disciplined at selling stuff, it wasn’t bringing in much money, just a little here and there which is better than not having it at all.

Then there’s the blog tragedy the significance of which pales in comparison -I refer to my recent relegation from the premier league of commentors. I have occupied the Top 5 table for some months now and whilst no longer at the top of my game like Pimme is currently I liked to consider 3rd or 4th spot pretty much my own. Now I bow graciously to sexuality because David has become the bc sex therapist of sorts, but to be betrayed by Rachel, now that hurt I can tell you and then whilst languishing in 5th Karen goes on a spree and knocks me back into blog obscurity. I don’t mind telling you I feel quite used and spat out.

After a period of reflection which was preceeded by some gnashing of teeth and a selection of quality profanities, I realised that I have indeed been a little lax of late and having a brief foray into the blog world I see how Pimme is in fact carrying on the noble art of blog-diving much as I used to. I became clear that it was time to get back in blog scuba gear and go for a splash. Some 30 minutes later I realised why I had not gone in for some time, the stench out there people, Jesus there is some awful stuff, granted there is some enlightening stuff and many of you that I visit regularly nowadays I found having a ferret around, and there is some very very wierd shit as well. What worries me is I find it all rather alluring, the bad stuff falls into 2 categories generally political dross and self-indulgent claptrap, the political dross I just have to get involved with, I can’t help it it’s the red mist you see! The self-indulgent stuff I tend to leave alone, they wouldn’t notice me anyway [A-ha you say so who’s the self-indulgent one now? -touché you got me on that one!]. The enlightening stuff, well to be honest I didn’t find a lot of new stuff out there of that nature, I suspect they may well be hiding but one is largely dependent on things like recent entries and such. Then the wierd stuff and by crickey there’s some of that, some is nice wierd, some is kind of wierd wierd, and some is downright disquieting. But therein lies the fun. the diversity of people is just a joy to behold sometimes, to get an insight into people we would not look at in the street or who might not even ever be in the street is interesting, it is normal that some characters we find interesting and others dull this is our subjective attraction to certain traits and not others. There’s a whole world out there people and it is just as scary and exciting as the one outside our door.

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Rachel made this comment,
call me ignorant, but as far as the blog tragedy (“”) i have no idea what your talking about. mind you, technology has NEVER agreed with me, so i don’t know how to check this top 5 table. please, explain. 🙂
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