Sam – Large much-loved ginger mog. Daft as a brush, extremely affectionate and voracious hunter.

Laid to rest after 16 years. Leaves one forlorn Burmese friend behind and my Mother in bits.

Sam was one of the last ties to my dim and distant past, I was still at school when we got him, I loved coming home in those days. He used to catch rabbits, crows and other assorted wildlife and on 2 occasions got ideas above his station leading to being boxed by a hare and bitten on the nose by a badger!

He is now reunited with his sister Jerrie and Uncle Teazle.

[Sorry, for the Americans and others-a mog is a cat]

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Rachel made this comment,
i’m sorry, i think animals are sometimes better friends than anyone. (i’m assuming it was a dog…?)
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protagonist made this comment,
i had a 3-legged cat for a while.
comment added :: 3rd July 2004, 01:54 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
hey! well…maybe the reference was needed, but not because i’m american! 🙂
does the name Brandon Essig ring any bells, because he left a comment on a month old entry this morning, but all he said was “red baron, huh?” so, i was just wondering if you knew him.
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comment added :: 3rd July 2004, 01:58 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
ya, you had left a comment first. here: it’s in the early june entries, and the entry is labled free will.
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comment added :: 3rd July 2004, 02:12 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
nope, i’m afraid i gotta disagree with you there, as far as the destiny is concerned. ignorance, naiveity, call it what you will. i don’t know if i believe that fate is most definetly set, and i don’t know if we can alter destiny. the thing is, we’ll NEVER know, so what we feel is what we have to stick with. it sucks, but it’s worked for me so far. 🙂
and thanks for answering that person’s question! even though the subject was a long time ago…
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Lizard Breath made this comment,
sorry to hear of your loss.
will give Cat an extra rub & squeeze for you tonight.


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Pimme made this comment,
Hope that you feel a little better with the comfort of your friends here. It’s never easy losing someone (or something) close to you.
My smallest female is a ginger moggie.

I used to have a Siamese named Sammy…fond memories…he was such a sweet guy!

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comment added :: 3rd July 2004, 20:22 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
serious rock band my ass. like you said, they are extremely funny to listen to, and even more amusing to watch.
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comment added :: 4th July 2004, 00:42 GMT+01