I don’t usually believe in coincidence but that belief can be tested at certain times. I was driving home tonight after seeing the kids, it was 10.30 on the dual carriageway and there was a white peugeot 406 ahead of me driving like even more of a pillock than me. As we went down the DC he was clearly leaving me well behind and for a split second I thought, shall I keep up and use him as a minesweeper or just stick to my usual 3000 rev rule, it being Sunday and me being in no real hurry. I opted for the latter, after a junction a car with strong headlights comes right up behind me and I thought wouldn’t it be nice if it were plod. It overtook me, it was a very dark blue rover 75 -now in the UK you can never be too careful with Rovers and Vauxhalls if there are 2 people in the car err on the side of caution. This Rover sped off and caught up with the Peugeot and I thought hello maybe it is plod, but it appeared they were playing silly buggers cos he was right up the peugeot’s arse and the peugeot was speeding up and slowing down, just before my turn off on came the flashing blue lights on the Rover, ho ho ho -the Baron escapes again. Perhaps that was my Get Out Of Jail Free card from the positive plod story blog I did! Far be in from me to revel in any schadenfreude but I was pleased the my strategy worked because I could well have been busted if I’d been hooning it. It is a bit sweet when finally someone driving like a bit of a nonce gets done altho’ is it me or are there more tossers on the road now than there’ve ever been? Anyway my driving ban will now be coming off my license because it’s been more than 4 years and so I’ll only have 1 speeding endorsement now which should mean my insurance is less next time around. I have had to be a bit cautious the last couple of years because had I been done again at the kind of speed I used to be a little prone to driving at I would have been in a fair bit of shit. Now I’m over 30 so I don’t feel duty bound to drive like a twat any more! Problem is I don’t like driving at all, as some of you may well have gathered, as a result I like to get the whole experience over with as quickly as possible and this means not hanging about. You have to bear in mind I didn’t drive until 2000 and since then had to do over 200,000 miles so now that I’m down only to 24,000 miles a year.

Enough of driving I have that to do tomorrow. I’m pissed off with circumstances today, it was the first day I had none of my cameras with me, neither digital nor slr and what happened? Firstly we had a superb full arc rainbow an absolute beauty which with the sky behind would have been well worth a snap and then after the rains passed we had the whole sky apocalyptic red, quite eerie. What a bollocks I can’t believe I forgot the poxy cameras, I’ll have them with me now for weeks and there’ll be bugger all to snap!

I thought I’d be going to bed early tonight but the cricket highlights are on so I’m stuck which means I’ll be a miserable tired git in the morning, no-one will notice any difference.

Song Of The Day – Snow Patrol ~ Spitting Games

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mands made this comment,
I feel miserable too today.
If that can help

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David S made this comment,
I hate people who speed or drive carelessly, I they should probably get a years ban, depending on the speed of course.
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[Redbaron responds – Well I’d have to qualify that a little more, there is driving dangerously and there is speeding, the 2 can go hand in hand but are not inexhorably linked, some people drive attrociously whilst well under the speed limit, others exceed the speed limit whilst maintaining in good control of their vehicle. There is a big difference between doing a ton on a clear stretch of motorway and doing 45 through a built-up area. I have little problem with the former provided the driver has passed something like advanced driving courses with regard to dealing with conditions at that speed, the letter tho’ is unacceptable and puts considerably more people at risk. The biggest problem on motorways which is never addressed is tailgating lorries. The other thing you have to bear in mind is a pro rata basis, my last 4 years driving at 50,000+ miles a year would be 20 years driving for the average person now to get 2 sppeding offenses in 20 years would not be seen as outlandish, perhaps the offenses should stay on your license not for 4 years but 50,000 miles.]

comment added :: 5th July 2004, 13:54 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
I never leave home without a camera in my backpack anymore…because you never know who or what you’re going to witness at any given time!
I like how the Italian police got a Lamborghini Gallardo now. Just pull over, speeders–it’s useless to run! http://www.italiaspeed.com/2004/cars/lamborghini/05/police_gallardo.html

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[Redbaron responds – In some ways tho’ at least there is a degree of kudos being done by Plod in a Lamborghini, in this country they have souped up shit cars, they go like shit off a stick but look bollocks!]

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mands made this comment,
I’ll come around tomorrow to read what was on tv tonight.

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Rachel made this comment,
to be perfectly blunt, people suck nowadays. when you drive, you have no idea who may have a shotgun under their seat, or a killer right hook. i’m prone to flip people off and yell vulgar things, and i should probably kick that down a notch.
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[Redbaron responds – I confess I’m not averse to a bit of verbosity in the car myself, along with assorted hand signals, and I don’t mean ones for turning left and right!]

comment added :: 5th July 2004, 23:23 GMT+01
David S made this comment,
I don’t think you should ever speed to be honest, and don’t moan at policemen for doing their job
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[Redbaron responds – That’s a very law-abiding attitude Glasgow Dave, if a little unrealistic. As I have said I would distinguish between doing 90mph on the motorway and 50mph in a built up area. Likewise there are the Plod who ‘do their job’ and there are the over-zealous variety, I’m afraid I think the latter do far more harm than good. And if you’re going to tell me you’ve never seen a police car doing above the speed limit without it’s blues and twos on……]

comment added :: 10th July 2004, 19:51 GMT+01