Bob Roberts

Tim Robbins

Date: 17 June, 2003   —   $13.48   —   DVD / VHS

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Bob Roberts, this is the first proper tooth in the mouth of American political criticism at least as far as mainstream movie making is concerned. Before Michael Moore Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were seen as the doyens of the anti-establishment part of American society. In Bob Roberts Tim Robbins has done a really top class piece of political satire, at times a little obvious but at times very subtle, there are nuances that hit you after you’ve seen it a couple of times but many others that make it very watchable the first time around. Robbins as usual is excellent and is clearly acting in something he believes in which lends the film an extra dimension of authenticity. The film was made originally in 1992, seen now it has many oracle-like hindsight overtones to various western countries. The premise is a political candidate for a traditionally safe democratic state who campaigns on a rejuvanated right-wing agenda based around pride and freedom and the rejection of the 60s as a decade. What Robbins has done so well is capture the embodyment of the new right, Robbins and his brother have written all the songs and lyrics themselves and they lend the film a touch of the antithesis of Bob Dylan.
I thought it was worth reviewing this film now what with all the furore surrounding Farenheit 9/11, I strongly urge people go and see it because whilst it is fiction it is well-written, well-acted slick and clever.