It’s very quiet everywhere at the moment. Blog-city has tumbleweeds blowing thru’ it and my hit count is down to practically nothing. The University is deserted, all the students are gone and many of the academics seem to be taking this week off, and much of the admin staff seem to have followed suit. So all in all it’s a desolate feel about things and the weather here isn’t especially conducive to make things feel a lot better it’s that after rain atmosphere, it’s rather appropriate really with very few people about it sets the landscape nicely. It doesn’t help that my ears are very blocked up at the moment so I’m deaf in the left and partially in the right, that adds to a certain isolation that the lack of any visual stimulus merely exacerbates.

I had thought that my trouble motivating was just on Monday but I haven’t managed to kick-start the brain at all yet so I’ve rather given this week up! But look at the difference it made, I managed to make 2 ham-fisted attempts at blog humour within as many days having had a complete sense of humour failure for quite some time. It just proves that my humour clearly requires no brain power whatsoever!

I also managed to achieve full integration into the Windows Active Directory network for the Macs running OSX now this might not sound much to you but it’s probably the single most significant achievement in my short work career at the Uni. It is dull but important and all the groudwork I have done with substance and aesthetics for the reemergence of the Mac community will sadly pale into insignificance for the techies on the PC side as they have been trying to get us to tow the line with their stupid server shit. Bastards -now that I have it working I feel I have the Luke Skywalker hand of the Dark Side now -the Mac people may start to see me as a double agent!

You know things are getting bad when you’re reduced to talking about work, especially when you’re an IT engineer.

Song Of The Day – Echobelly ~ Dark Therapy

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haywood made this comment,
haha, baron coming out with the StarWars refrences I love it! Yes Bill Gates is most surely Emperor Palapatine.
10,000, in your face!!!!!!! woooooohooooo I’m drunk!


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comment added :: 16th July 2004, 05:09 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
Sorry everything is so quiet around town. Same here. Everyone seems to be taking time off, going off to conferences and such, it is a bit silent among the people I know in Kyoto. Sorry you are under the weather. I hate that feeling of not being able to hear. Hope you are doing better today.

comment added :: 16th July 2004, 06:48 GMT+01
MrDan made this comment,
It’s quiet here too. Gemstone is taking a few days off because she’s “bizzy” in the real world – so that’s my bloglife down the drain! Perhaps I should try leaving the house?

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comment added :: 17th July 2004, 03:16 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
i hate silence, except when it’s welcomed. i hate awkward pauses, on the phone, or in person. but sometimes, you just want time to think.
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comment added :: 18th July 2004, 23:18 GMT+01