I thought it necessary to put in the election results recently. In many respects it is a comparative success, we retained our deposits which is a decent acheivement. In terms of actual significance of the result you could claim that we influenced the candidature. It is no secret that the Libs won on an anti-war ticket, one they are hardly entitled to carry. In Brum there were enough Respect votes to ensure that the Libs didn’t win. As for the Tories, well, you wouldn’t expect them to win these seats but to come so low down is surprising and now Howard attempts to recover the ground he has lost by claiming that had he known that the intelligence was flawed he wouldn’t have supported the war. Well, what the fuck is he doing in Parliament then if not asking the bloody questions to ensure the intelligence is correct and hold the govt. to account. Tories -against the war don’t make me laugh, look at the bloody first gulf war.

Leicester South

  • Lib Dems 10,274 (34.94 percent)
  • Labour 8,620 29.31 percent)
  • Conservative 5,796 (19.71 percent)
  • Respect 3,724 (12.66 percent) (Yvonne Ridley)
  • Socialist Labour 263 (0.89 percent)
  • RU Serious (Loony) 225 (0.77 percent)
  • Patrick Kennedy (Ind) 204 (0.69 percent)
  • Paul Lord (Ind) 186 (0.63 percent)
  • Mark Benson (Ind) 55 (0.19 percent)
  • Jiten Bardwaj (Ind) 36 (0.12 percent)
  • Alan Barrett (Ind) 25 (0.09 percent)

Birmingham Hodge Hill

  • Labour 7,451 (36.5 percent)
  • Lib Dem 6,991 (34.2 percent)
  • Conservative 3,543 (17.3 percent)
  • Respect 1,282 (6.3 percent) (John Rees)
  • National Front 805 (3.9 percent)

Well I was pleased anyway, I do think that it gives me enough to believe that there are people out there who are gradually understanding what we are talking about.

Other than that, I’ve not been in an especially good mood today, not so much a depressive mood as just being very pissed off, I don’t know if it was the actions of my ex who was at times being something of a gobshite or whether it was my mood that made me think she was being as much of a gobshite, no she was being a gobshite and it pissed me off but I was without question on a short fuse anyway. I have been caught a bit unawares with this one, I expected despair and melancholy and I got lethargy and distain. You live and learn.

Song Of The Day – The Cult ~ She Sell Sanctuary

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Rachel made this comment,
it is kind of nice to know that someone understands what you’re on about. too bad here in america we haven’t gotten the politicians out of their caveman tendencies.
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comment added :: 19th July 2004, 03:43 GMT+01
Jen Tate made this comment,
For lack of a more eloquent way to console you, feel better soon!

[Redbaron responds – Kind of you, thank you, no further eloquence necessary]

comment added :: 19th July 2004, 06:56 GMT+01
David S made this comment,
Yes, great results, I’m very pleased with the way they went.
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[Redbaron responds – I’ll just bet you are GD, I’ll just bet you are!]

comment added :: 19th July 2004, 13:00 GMT+01
Katie made this comment,
Out of credit, got gastroenteritis (sp?-sorry ill) but ok. take care.x
[Redbaron responds – Not good, but better than what I was starting to fear!]

comment added :: 19th July 2004, 18:21 GMT+01
David S made this comment,
what do you mean by that Red Baron?
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Pimme made this comment,
The Cult…now there’s a band that I’m familiar with!
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comment added :: 20th July 2004, 04:45 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
Pretty decent results there, fair play to Respect.
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comment added :: 20th July 2004, 20:59 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
By the way that link on the top right (the D-Day landing one) appears to be dead.
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comment added :: 20th July 2004, 21:05 GMT+01