…and sadly I don’t mean the PF album.

Today I hit the wall, I don’t know if it was something that was going to happen today regardless or whether it was the rather bad start to the day that lit the blue touch paper. I slept ok, but not especially well and woke up somewhat blearily, I was in a marginally bad mood when I got into the car but nothing too major, I had hoped to talk to someone before and didn’t but it wasn’t that big of a deal. However some c had blocked me into the garage and in the process of trying to get out I snagged the join of my front wing just enough to give it a bit of a tweak, which was just enough to give me grounds to consider doing a John Cleese on either mine or the c’s car. I put it back the best I could, it’ll cost a disproporionately ludicrous amount of money to sort out so I won’t sort it out and my Mother will have a fit and think I’m rallying in what used to be her car! So and inauspicious start to the day which was compounded by somebody flipping their car on the motorway which caused a 20 mile tailback and so instead of being 15 mins early I was 10 mins late and quite disgruntled. After mainlining a serious amount of tea I started to pep up a little and then got an email off some ponce who because he hasn’t received something that he paid for last Friday is threatening to “come down with some boys from Liverpool to meet me face to face”! This is for the sake of something worth £10 that I posted yesterday I mean wtf. And “boys from Liverpool” what are they going to do, nick my car!* Oh the irony of that happening this morning! Anyway all this should have led to me being angry and frustrated but it didn’t, after the car incident I just started to feel a despondency and I didn’t even shout obsenities at the joker who’d flipped his car on the motorway.

Since then I’ve got on with a fairly reasonable amount of work but it isn’t going to matter what I do I’m just going to feel rather shitty for a while. If there’s someone reading this who thinks there might be a specific reason as to why the melancholy, there isn’t, honest, apart from what I mentioned above.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it, the bloody weather is ok, people have been quite helpful and friendly today but it isn’t really working and as the day wears on it really feels like it is just wearing on. I really want to go back to bed now. The problem is that when this sort of frame of mind starts to come on it shapes the way you start to think and view everything else and I really don’t want to do that now. Anyway I need to plug myself back into my Tanin drip now so if you don’t mind.

All things must pass.

Song Of The Day – Lucio Dalla ~ Cosa Sarà

*I apologise unreservedly to anyone from Liverpool, Liverpudlians are not in the habit of stealing cars, no they just nick the hubcaps ho ho ho, no stop it’s not funny it’s a sweeping generalisation and a slur on people that on the whole I rather like, it’s Mancunians I can’t get on with!

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MrDan made this comment,
I’m a Mancunian you insensitive clod! That’s a slashdot.org reference for those poor people who don’t get it (i.e. those with lives). And no, I’m not really offended.

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[Redbaron responds – Clod is an outstanding word MrDan and your magnanimous forgiveness of my irrational insensitivity does you credit!]

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provemylovetoyou made this comment,
hey, you’ve come to my blog once or twice so i thought i’d check out your blog too! very cool! come visit me again sometime @ nothingisstatic.blog-city.com !!
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Bob Red made this comment,
If those liverpudlians come down, its a shame you cant pretend the c’s car blocking your garage is yours and watch from the confines of your home as they systematically ‘urbanise’ the crap out of it. Job done, hell id give ’em a tenner just for that!!!
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comment added :: 20th July 2004, 21:18 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
*sighs* oh no, it’s not where i placed that REALLY matters…it’s where i’m placed in regards to YOU. haha. now i’m cocky. ouch, the wall. bounce back my friend. 🙂
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comment added :: 20th July 2004, 23:42 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
ignorance, naivete, call it what you will, but i’m drawing a blank…what PF problem? ah, and your last comment was number 350! merci!
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[Redbaron responds – Oh Rachel, PF and The Wall, my dear it’s Pink Floyd. Sorry I forget not everyone is as old as me and was genuinely of the age to sing ‘We don’t need no education’ in the school playground when the song came out!]

comment added :: 21st July 2004, 02:42 GMT+01
Karen made this comment,
Um what will those scousers do? Turn up in shell suits and say ‘eh worra you friggin lookin at eh, eh calm down’ and ‘oi wheres me order eh?’
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[Redbaron responds – Ho ho, that’s very funny that had me chortling…. but I’m glad you said it, now you can get all the hatemail!!]

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