It kind of applies to many things tho’ doesn’t it? But it’s usually the case when you’re trying something, often something that doesn’t work out, perhaps with the benefit of hindsight you should have known that it couldn’t ever work. But you tried, and you lived and that is what counts. These short but Sweet things make you feel alive for the briefest of moments before you return to the mediocrity that is everday life. To regret would be foolish, altho’ sometimes difficult to avoid, to nostalgise in times to come would be inaccurate looking thru’ rose-tinted specs and to continually think about such things would be pointless and time will dull the frequency anyway. The best you can hope for is to learn.

Sometimes these brief things provide us with the deepest insights into our soul, the intensity of the moment holds up the mirror and the distorted image is perhaps not the one we wanted, or often exected to see. Is it accurate -only we can know. Sometimes the most shocking thing is that it is all too accurate, if it were not so we would after all not recognise the image and it would not concern us. So we can choose, choose experience for all it brings, the peaks and troughs of joy and pain or choose reticence for what it doesn’t bring, the safe option, the shield, no pain no pleasure.

It is after all our empirical selfs which shape who we are and how we respond to things. The more we shield ourselves from experience the less we are able to deal with things that are outside our shere of influence and if time goes on and we fail to broaden, the mind forgets and that sphere of influence contracts, if we allow this to continue our ability to cope with change and reality diminishes and we become unfit to deal with the outside world and especially those who inhabit it.

And so is it now time for the Baron to sally forth into the real world again, no not quite yet, circumstance has proven the Baron’s point about the vicious circle of hermitage all too evidently, but it is time to plan, time to think about the direction that life ought to be taking and how much steerage I wish to put on that. So, I will bid you au revoir it will not be adieu you won’t get rid of me that easily. As for the drive for the Ton-up Blog-a-Thon, it is a shame but to be honest the pressure was starting to tell on the quality of entries, and even some of my blog-diving comments were becoming a little lacklustre. I think I need to reset, clear my head and then come back and have another go, renew the vigour so to speak. I shan’t I suspect be gone for long but you know want they say ‘leave just early enough to keep them wanting more.’ I hope I didn’t stay too long on that score. I shall try to keep my hand in and write things tho’ they will not be published until I decide to return, and I will try to keep up to date reading your writings and commenting when I have time or something to say. I hope you will all stick around and bear with me, tho’ this is not a recruitment drive for my mailing list! Besides which I’m paying for my premium blog and I’m not putting it up for sale, short lease perhaps! Many of you have been very kind and supportive of me in difficult times, it has been that, at times astonishing, level of sensitivity which gave me purpose in my writing and will I believe lead to my return here, hopefully with the blog equivalent of a sun-tan!

The Baron will still be around you will just not be able to pin him down so easily for a bit, but call and I will come. Whether advice is needed making tea or a howitzer-laden fly-past at the right-wing bloggers the Baron remains your man. Keep the Red Flag flying at BC in my absence, I shall be spreading the word and directing people back to your capable hands.

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

[Leisure – William Henry Davies 1871-1940]

Song Of The Day – Johnny Mandel/Mike Altman ~ Suicide is Painless

Original Comments:

Lynne made this comment,
😦 I’s all sad now.
Don’t be gone for yonks, I haven’t known you long, or well, enough…
That said, I wish you luck getting “the tan” – sometimes you just have to go for it.
All the best,

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comment added :: 22nd July 2004, 19:44 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Be good. xx

comment added :: 22nd July 2004, 20:45 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
have a nice break.
dont leave me haning too long thought baron, ill miss you!
i took that personality quizz to work, and everyone did it.
i work with a bunch of anarchists and evil genisus’s! thought you would like that idea!x 🙂
Visit me @

comment added :: 22nd July 2004, 23:53 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
your intense and thought provoking entries will surely be missed, but if you keep up the commenting, then perhaps we can live through your break. sometimes…however…the real world can be over rated.
talk to you soon! 🙂
Visit me @

comment added :: 23rd July 2004, 00:33 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
ah, and no worries baron, i have no intention of revoking my address from your mailing list!
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comment added :: 23rd July 2004, 00:36 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
Sooo close!! still 87 is bloody marvellous, im sure if you have a fresh run at it youll do it and before long it will be the 2 ton up blogathon!
Anyways, all the best, hope things work out for you, and dont worry, ill be checking back here to make sure no one nicks the stereo!
and so, to the man who gave us words such as “blog-diving” and now “blog-tan” i wish you luck!
Visit me @

comment added :: 23rd July 2004, 17:43 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
OK – so I’m gone one week and NOW look at the trouble you’ve gone and stirred up. can’t turn my back for even a minute.
stay close, lurk often and keep that wit keenly sharpened.


Lizard Breath

comment added :: 23rd July 2004, 19:43 GMT+01
john made this comment,
You will remain on my blog-roll of honour mate.
Visit me @

comment added :: 24th July 2004, 17:44 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
Congratulations for blogging that many consecutive days! Lord knows that I couldn’t do it, especially when the machine won’t let me. ;^)
Take care!

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comment added :: 24th July 2004, 19:19 GMT+01
Jen Tate made this comment,
Fly high, sir :]

comment added :: 26th July 2004, 05:35 GMT+01
Leah made this comment,
come back soon … all is forgiven 😉
comment added :: 26th July 2004, 14:35 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
He’s the Blogging Cal Ripkin, very classy good sir, I tip my hat to you!

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comment added :: 29th July 2004, 02:31 GMT+01
Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
come back soon amigo
Visit me @

comment added :: 29th July 2004, 12:30 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
Jimmy you’ve been gone longer than the baron blogged for whats up with that mate?

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comment added :: 30th July 2004, 00:40 GMT+01
rayts made this comment,
what’ s up with the Baron…heck, i miss reading your entries…
is this what you get from this blog-marathon thing?

comment added :: 30th July 2004, 06:26 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
yea basicly
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comment added :: 30th July 2004, 07:04 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Hey RB— no worries, your loyal fans will be here waiting when you return. I certainly understand the need to take a breather from blogging as I am on a retreat myself and it is goooood. But so is blogging so one day soon we’ll be up to our old tricks– looking forward to seeing you then!

comment added :: 30th July 2004, 13:59 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
What they all said. And I especially agree with Rachel: reality can be overrated.
Don’t go away. Good bloggers must keep going and support each other, or else what’s the point?
Natalie []

comment added :: 30th July 2004, 14:32 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
You must have missed the extra stuff in the header of my site.. only thing that I have recently changed is the photo 🙂
FallenAngel []

comment added :: 30th July 2004, 18:15 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
I would love to see you keep blogging . . . although I haven’t been able to get over here every day and often feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of your prolific posting! Whatever you feel moved to do and write about, even if it is every few days, once a week, will be more heartfelt maybe if you don’t feel a Should or Have to looming over posting . . . you a good egg, baron 🙂 . .. and how goes the non-smoking? are you still on the wagon??? 🙂 K
kat []

[Redbaron responds – Still on the wagon been 3 1/2 months now.]

comment added :: 7th August 2004, 21:31 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Actually, you should give it up, as you are one of the many, many bloggers out there who considers their self to be a clever writer. Sadly (for you anyway) you are not even close, so why bother?

[Redbaron responds – I think your comment whilst harsh has a grain of truth in it. The difference is I do not write because I feel I am in some way a clever writer. I write because I feel the need to express myself fundamentally for my own sanity. I do not force anyone else to listen and I would still be here if no-one were to. I am touched people comment and I respect people’s criticism when it is offered. I’m sad you felt the need to say what I feel is a little presumptuous, but fair enough that’s your opinion. I guess I won’t be seeing you here again then. If you do decide to stick around I’d be interested in your actual critique, ie what it is you particularly dislike whether style content or both, since you are obviously a literary critic of some standing to write such comments on other people’s writings. I prefer constructive critcism rather than simple sniping.]

comment added :: 22nd August 2004, 05:32 GMT+01
MrDan made this comment,
If one has to be a clever writer to have a blog perhaps we should all pack our bags. Mass exodus anyone?

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comment added :: 23rd August 2004, 21:14 GMT+01