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Under New Management

Dear Mr Red

As the new owner of (please see here for details of 51% shareholder) I would like to welcome you to the all-new BobRed PLC.

I am delighted to be able to offer you a non-executive position on the bobred boredBoard of dickDirectors. We would like you to continue to feel part of the new BobRed PLC. family even if you are no longer in control of the actual running of the blog. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you feel you have ideas with regard to the new BobRed PLC. structure, your creative input is always welcome and we want you to feel that your hard work has been appreciated. We believe that we can now take BobRed PLC. into the next level of blogging and compete in the 500 hits per month category. this may require a rebranding of BobRed PLC. and details will become available on this, please be assured you will be notified of any changes we will be making as we make them.

In the meantime please ensure that when you clear your office you do not delete any files. We are happy for you to integrate into the new hot-desk structure here at BobRed PLC. we feel this will make for a happy. ergonomic and efficient work environment. Your current desk position is in the reception area.

yours truly

R. Baron Esq. BA MBA

I mean that all seems perfectly amicable to me and yet the previous incumbant appears reluctant to shift. I mean, you know what is a capitalist to do eh?!

Song Of The Day – The Killers ~ Mr Brightside

Original Comments:

Rachel made this comment,
hey, baron. where have you been man? i’ve missed you over at palmys….blog. you’ve always been a faithful supporter, and now you’re MIA. it makes me sad. πŸ™‚
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comment added :: 31st August 2004, 04:43 GMT+01
Bob Red made this comment,
Well if the takeover goes through, and if you can satisfy all 4 clauses of bob reds law (as defined on my blog board) the you may feel free to take command. however, i will be claiming squatters rights, which last for 200 years! all i have to do is put on a dirty pair of sandals, get whiteboy dreadlocks, change my name to “julian”, and develop an afinity to lentils cooked on a hexyburner!
Julian Red

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comment added :: 31st August 2004, 23:43 GMT+01

Bloody easy, trackbacks, right, but no-one ever seems to use them.

Except the Baron that is, this is my 2nd!

One of the main reasons for this trackback is to prove to the ‘Doubting Thomas Haywood’ that whilst they may be something of a dark art, the Trackback does indeed exist.

And this just proves it.

But now I have to go because BBC3, bless their cotton socks, are repeating their documentary on ABBA which has lots of footage of Agnetha!

Song Of The Day – The Sugarcubes ~ Cold Sweat

Original Comments:

Rachel made this comment,
shit! first comment! i don’t think i’ve ever had that title on your blog baron, victorious!
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comment added :: 29th August 2004, 19:49 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
I see no proof of the trackback, jvfelony, our latest addition to the coalition tried to prove to me their exsistence but i have yet to see solid evidence.

comment added :: 30th August 2004, 00:47 GMT+01
rayts made this comment,
who uses the trackback anyway?!!
comment added :: 30th August 2004, 11:20 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
where is the trackback?? i think its all magic and mystery!
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comment added :: 30th August 2004, 19:01 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
Trackbacks do not exsist people…. they were created by the man to keep us down man…
stinking hippy

comment added :: 31st August 2004, 03:23 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
There’s no need to track us–we just keep on coming back!
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comment added :: 2nd September 2004, 06:59 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
Explain this trackback concept to me.
In small words.
I see nothing unusual here…
Haywood 1 – Baron 0
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comment added :: 6th September 2004, 00:54 GMT+01

Coventry (20)27 Leinster (10)44

So they got there in the end. It was a little concerning at half time because we’d played shite and the 3 of us in our Leinster shirts had got almost laughed at in the bar at half time, second half and normal service was resumed and it should really have been a few more were it not for 3 kicks hitting the post. The crowd were rather subdued in the 2nd half so the 3 of us had to do what bellowing we could as the Away support! But there you go it was a good craic and we all had a laugh, tho’ sadly since muggins had to drive himself and ‘thuggo mate’ homewards one could not partake in the good stuff to celebrate the victory properly. Strangely enough it was the first rugby match I’d been to since my Dad and I used to watch Rosslyn Park in the 1980s, the ground was remarkably similar brought back many memories.

Other than that as you know the redbaron has hit the magical 10k mark and one’s Twin sister was responsible for bringing up the milestone. Sarah therefore gets her name in the fabled RB Milestones listing as well as this splendid linked picture to her blog.
sarah.jpg You will naturally go and check her blog out and be very nice, because one is protective of one’s younger sister and will duff you up if you upset her!

Song Of The Day – Placebo ~ A Friend in Need

Original Comments:

A visitor made this comment,
oh wow!! i get a post, a link AND a picture!!
this rocks!!


comment added :: 29th August 2004, 09:00 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
dude, i don’t even follow sports in my own country, let alone another. πŸ™‚
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comment added :: 29th August 2004, 19:46 GMT+01

So, the Baron returns after his Summer lay-about lay-off.

Did I miss anything? No, because I was freebooting around leaving comments about the place, no holiday to sunnier climes for the Baron, in fact no holiday to any bloody climes for the Baron which is a bum deal.

I didn’t abandon blogging completely, after all the work I had put in on the Blog-a-Thon and starting to get the hang of routine writing it would have been a shame for that to go to waste. I’ve done some reviews and stuff which I will post shortly, some of you have been bearing the brunt of my not blogging with me leaving comments the size of which would be termed an essay when I was at school. Sorry about that, it should die down a little more now that I know about trackbacks and such like.

I tried to think up a decent blog for my return so bearing in mind the quality of this one it shows you what an intellectual doldrum August has been! Once I had taken the decision to have a break I decided that I would come back when I actually had somethign to say. To wait until such time where I can’t hold it off any longer and have to blog seemed a good strategy. A lot has been going on in the world that I can comment on and I started to feel the cumulative effect in mid-August as I started to get the first sparks of anger again.

However I was planning to stay away for the whole of August in solidarity of the schools and shit going back -when I were a lad we didn’t do school in August, at all, ever, not one single day – only once was it ever in question and that was when I was in Germany aged 16 and the school term started Aug 31 and a group of us bunked off in protest. I thought yeah stand up for the freedom to have August off. Circumstances tho’ dictated that if I was to mark my passing into what Haywood perceives as the Blog Middle classes -the 10k hit, I was either going to have to convince people to stay away or return before Sept. So my apologies comrade students the Baron has taken the Blog-City shilling, I’m not proud of myself!

As for the 10k hit I swear if whoever it is doesn’t leave me a msg I shan’t be chuffed having come out of hibernation early and all. It’s likely to happen early tomorrow GMT in my opinion -of course if you’re on a Mac the alarm bells will ring and confetti will become your OS X screen saver, if you’re on a PC you’d never be expecting that to work properly anyway! The Red Baron Milestones board awaits your arrival oh fabled 10k hitter and the next milestone isn’t until 750 comments and that’s a fair way off so this is it miss it, miss out!

Song Of The Day – Razorlight ~ Golden Touch

Original Comments:

Lynne made this comment,
Waheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Now _there’s_ a sight for sore eyes πŸ™‚ Welcome back UnkyRB!
(RG does a happy dance, trips over Creosote swears a lot and has to go and lie down again)


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comment added :: 26th August 2004, 00:24 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
Welcome Back Baron!!!
Now do I get a trackback for that Haywood refrence? Who gives out these elusive trackbacks? Do the trackbacks exsist, or am I off on a snipe hunt?


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comment added :: 26th August 2004, 00:33 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
twin, you have passed the 10k mark!!! i’m not sure if it was me or not, though…
good to have you back & kicking ass!

sarah []

[Redbaron responds – See, family, makes all the difference dunnit, what better sister could you want than one who gives up her time to see you safely thru’ the 10k barrier? Congrats honey, ’twas you. Treats will be forthcoming!]

comment added :: 26th August 2004, 15:52 GMT+01
Lizard Breath made this comment,
bout frickin time.
no, seriously, you were missed. welcome back.


comment added :: 26th August 2004, 21:57 GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
Welcome Back! Glad you are feeling rested and awaiting your next big rant! Cheers—
bluepoppy []

comment added :: 27th August 2004, 04:51 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
dammit. 10078. always the bridesmaid, never the bride. that’s me.

comment added :: 27th August 2004, 17:57 GMT+01

moog made this comment,
hello dad(tee hee hee!)!
glad you are back to guide us in the ways of the left!
comment added :: 27th August 2004, 21:08 GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
I am so glad to have you back. You went on hiatus just as I found you. And in case you were worried, I found out the meaning of “anorak” from my a Brit source.
Kristie []

comment added :: 29th August 2004, 09:47 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
it’s good to have you back, mate! no, you didn’t miss much, but i’m sure you missed us all. πŸ™‚
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comment added :: 29th August 2004, 19:42 GMT+01
john made this comment,
At last! Great to have you back Baron. I’ve now got to allow twice as much time for blog reading.
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comment added :: 30th August 2004, 13:26 GMT+01

Just so it’s clear that I’m coming back.

Original Comments:

Leah made this comment,
mmm lunch
comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-09 18:10:53’} GMT+01

Rachel made this comment,
i’m glad you cleared that up, we were all wondering. πŸ™‚
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-09 23:11:44’} GMT+01

Rachel made this comment,
oh dude, i’m at fifth already. i’ll regain my rightful place on top eventually. no worries mate! πŸ™‚
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-10 03:48:38’} GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
Have a wonderful lunch etc and I look forward to your return!!
bluepoppy []

comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-10 20:23:51’} GMT+01

Rachel made this comment,
i feel like i’m the only person commenting on this….oh well. i’m afraid i just took your place at third, and so i’m working my way up. mr.dan and pimme are going to be a bitch to beat though. πŸ™‚ if you do resume blogging on the fourth, i also look forward to it!
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-10 23:46:32’} GMT+01

Rina made this comment,
Dammit, I was knocked down again. I’m going to have to start working for this. I’m addicted, you know … I think it was better for my sanity when I knew nothing about it.
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-11 00:42:58’} GMT+01

gemstone made this comment,
That clock is COOL! They should introduce it to me ex-school!
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-11 00:51:14’} GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
you can’t take two day lunches, twin – that’s just not on!

[Redbaron responds – Ho ho ho sister dear when it comes to sloth there’s nothing The Baron can’t do, you of all people should know this! As regards 2 day lunches, you’re partially right, it would be wrong to cut short a good feed, I think I’ll try a lunch-a-thon!]

comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-11 15:19:13’} GMT+01

MrDan made this comment,
I’m gonna lose my spot to Rachel any minute now. Ah well, she deserves it more than I.

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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-12 01:57:49’} GMT+01

Rachel made this comment,
ah, dan, that was so nice. haha. what do you want? no, ah, the working with kids has me so suspicious. i’m afraid i am back tho. i don’t even care that dan’s second, and pimme’s first, i think. i’m just glad i can easily get back on. it kind of shows that i have nothing better to do than to blog….all…the bloody…..time! πŸ™‚
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-13 06:37:02’} GMT+01

Rachel made this comment,
*twilight zone theme song*
everybody…ON the commenters list…talks to everyone ELSE on the commenters list.
you, dan, pimme, me, and gem.
i dunno, i thought it was cool.
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-13 07:09:24’} GMT+01

Pimme made this comment,
Baron: I never doubted your return for a minute! ;^)
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-14 02:24:49’} GMT+01

gemstone made this comment,
In answer to Rachel’s comment, a father must be in touch with his kids. The Baron is a good father (sometimes). He cares for us…
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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-17 02:26:18’} GMT+01

Rina made this comment,
The Blogfather is entertaining of not a good father. And hey, that’s part of the recipe, right? The only time there is a minute chance I’ll get along with me da is when we’re kidding around, making each other laugh.

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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-17 23:41:19’} GMT+01

haywood made this comment,
You’re a liar, you’re never coming back!!! *runs away crying*
[Redbaron responds – Haywood, Woody, Woodster you know I’ll be back but even the Baron deserves a break. I was thinking of coming back in Sept. but I will feel obliged to return around my 10k hit if that’s any sooner.]

comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-21 08:58:04’} GMT+01

haywood made this comment,
fair enough.
comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-21 17:32:06’} GMT+01

protagonist made this comment,
hey, where you goin, old boy? i’m going to miss you – i always stopped by about once a week, but rarely comment because, often, in the past few weeks, i’ve been in Japan coffeeshops with timers ticking. one minute over and its an extra 500 yen! those bastards. in any case, you need a break, when you get back to it, i’ll be here with open ears and much to say. thanks for some great thoughts and words! protagonist duff
comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-22 05:10:52’} GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
You were gone? You should’ve stayed that way.

[Redbaron responds – Well that was a charming little interjection Mara many thanks for taking the time to be so precise. I think however that you may have missed the point regarding the post since I am currently officially ‘Gone’ or at least ‘in hiding’ and debating when I may return. But don’t let a trifling matter like accuracy spoil your chance for a dig now, dear you give it your best shot.]

comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-22 05:50:23’} GMT+01

haywood made this comment,
If I start running a smear campaign I bet the Baron will come back.
The Canidate

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comment added :: {ts ‘2004-08-23 22:53:36’} GMT+01

As a result of me being a little under the weather I have neglected the blog today, I did go to bed before midnight last night and therefore nearly missed the deadline today to keep my blog streak going, so here I am with minutes left and an attempt to construct something out of a tired and very lazy brain.

I am in recovery now, I haven’t met my lunch again, having said that I’ve only eaten a bacon sandwich all day so I’m rather peckish but the stomach is still a tad wobbly so best to be careful. I have however been exhausted all day so have been languishing around in a lizard like fashion, (no not your-like fashion lizard!)

As a consequence I have engaged little in stimuli today and the brain has felt no need to switch itself on. I saw Henman lose the first set at Wimbledon and it was by all accounts all down hill from there. I feel sorry for him because he comes across as an affable pillock and the British being what they are won’t fete him for making the Quarters for the 8th time or something, they’ll just go on about him now being too old to ever win it.

Other than that I managed to fail to find my insurance documents so I couldn’t renew my road tax which isn’t good, I spoke to the DVLA who were singularly unhelpful and suggested I look at public transport -fucking comedians!

So that’s it if I’m to get this published before July.

Original Comments:

Rachel made this comment,
congratulations, you just made it.
also, i hope you don’t mind, but the comments you left on my latest blog entry, are going to go in the next entry. if you object, just let me know. πŸ™‚
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comment added :: 1st July 2004, 02:06 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
baron you are my blogging hero!

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comment added :: 1st July 2004, 04:32 GMT+01
The Skunx made this comment,
Oi RB!
I just thought of a way that you can do loads of comments and have loads of fun at the same time.
Sit on the recently blogged page and go and correct people on their grammar, punctuation and spelling.

What a wheeze!

You know you’d love it.


comment added :: 1st July 2004, 05:13 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
yeah, he needs to do loads of comments if he is going to overthrow the protagonist. HAHAHA
comment added :: 1st July 2004, 07:46 GMT+01
mands made this comment,
That’s an interesting name you have, Dom.
Happy July to you.


comment added :: 1st July 2004, 11:52 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Did you know?


comment added :: 1st July 2004, 22:18 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
but he shall never overthrow us.
so sorry!
comment added :: 2nd July 2004, 01:06 GMT+01

David S made this comment,
you have to ask yourself though if the need to blog everyday is a good thing. Is it something to be proud of or does it just highlight some subconscious fears that you have.
I went through a period of trying to blog everyday for a month, I managed it but the sense of achievement soon fell away.
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[Redbaron responds -I don’t know about subconscious fears or anything, but you are right to question whether it is indeed a good thing, blogging for the sake of blogging I would contend is not, but trying to coherently express what one is feeling on a regular basis I believe has been a positive experience as it has forced me back into a routine that ultimately keeps me writing. I confess that is something for me not for anyone else. If I find I am writing any more inane entries or just anything for the time limit then I would certainly rather stop but I am loathe to give up so easily because once a routine is broken it can be difficult to restart. Additionally look what happens when you don’t blog awhile your hits start going down and people don’t answer your polls. I’d say time for another blog-a-thon GD!]

comment added :: 2nd July 2004, 13:08 GMT+01