As a result of me being a little under the weather I have neglected the blog today, I did go to bed before midnight last night and therefore nearly missed the deadline today to keep my blog streak going, so here I am with minutes left and an attempt to construct something out of a tired and very lazy brain.

I am in recovery now, I haven’t met my lunch again, having said that I’ve only eaten a bacon sandwich all day so I’m rather peckish but the stomach is still a tad wobbly so best to be careful. I have however been exhausted all day so have been languishing around in a lizard like fashion, (no not your-like fashion lizard!)

As a consequence I have engaged little in stimuli today and the brain has felt no need to switch itself on. I saw Henman lose the first set at Wimbledon and it was by all accounts all down hill from there. I feel sorry for him because he comes across as an affable pillock and the British being what they are won’t fete him for making the Quarters for the 8th time or something, they’ll just go on about him now being too old to ever win it.

Other than that I managed to fail to find my insurance documents so I couldn’t renew my road tax which isn’t good, I spoke to the DVLA who were singularly unhelpful and suggested I look at public transport -fucking comedians!

So that’s it if I’m to get this published before July.

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Rachel made this comment,
congratulations, you just made it.
also, i hope you don’t mind, but the comments you left on my latest blog entry, are going to go in the next entry. if you object, just let me know. 🙂
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haywood made this comment,
baron you are my blogging hero!

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The Skunx made this comment,
Oi RB!
I just thought of a way that you can do loads of comments and have loads of fun at the same time.
Sit on the recently blogged page and go and correct people on their grammar, punctuation and spelling.

What a wheeze!

You know you’d love it.


comment added :: 1st July 2004, 05:13 GMT+01
protagonist made this comment,
yeah, he needs to do loads of comments if he is going to overthrow the protagonist. HAHAHA
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mands made this comment,
That’s an interesting name you have, Dom.
Happy July to you.


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A visitor made this comment,
Did you know?


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protagonist made this comment,
but he shall never overthrow us.
so sorry!
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David S made this comment,
you have to ask yourself though if the need to blog everyday is a good thing. Is it something to be proud of or does it just highlight some subconscious fears that you have.
I went through a period of trying to blog everyday for a month, I managed it but the sense of achievement soon fell away.
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[Redbaron responds -I don’t know about subconscious fears or anything, but you are right to question whether it is indeed a good thing, blogging for the sake of blogging I would contend is not, but trying to coherently express what one is feeling on a regular basis I believe has been a positive experience as it has forced me back into a routine that ultimately keeps me writing. I confess that is something for me not for anyone else. If I find I am writing any more inane entries or just anything for the time limit then I would certainly rather stop but I am loathe to give up so easily because once a routine is broken it can be difficult to restart. Additionally look what happens when you don’t blog awhile your hits start going down and people don’t answer your polls. I’d say time for another blog-a-thon GD!]

comment added :: 2nd July 2004, 13:08 GMT+01