So, the Baron returns after his Summer lay-about lay-off.

Did I miss anything? No, because I was freebooting around leaving comments about the place, no holiday to sunnier climes for the Baron, in fact no holiday to any bloody climes for the Baron which is a bum deal.

I didn’t abandon blogging completely, after all the work I had put in on the Blog-a-Thon and starting to get the hang of routine writing it would have been a shame for that to go to waste. I’ve done some reviews and stuff which I will post shortly, some of you have been bearing the brunt of my not blogging with me leaving comments the size of which would be termed an essay when I was at school. Sorry about that, it should die down a little more now that I know about trackbacks and such like.

I tried to think up a decent blog for my return so bearing in mind the quality of this one it shows you what an intellectual doldrum August has been! Once I had taken the decision to have a break I decided that I would come back when I actually had somethign to say. To wait until such time where I can’t hold it off any longer and have to blog seemed a good strategy. A lot has been going on in the world that I can comment on and I started to feel the cumulative effect in mid-August as I started to get the first sparks of anger again.

However I was planning to stay away for the whole of August in solidarity of the schools and shit going back -when I were a lad we didn’t do school in August, at all, ever, not one single day – only once was it ever in question and that was when I was in Germany aged 16 and the school term started Aug 31 and a group of us bunked off in protest. I thought yeah stand up for the freedom to have August off. Circumstances tho’ dictated that if I was to mark my passing into what Haywood perceives as the Blog Middle classes -the 10k hit, I was either going to have to convince people to stay away or return before Sept. So my apologies comrade students the Baron has taken the Blog-City shilling, I’m not proud of myself!

As for the 10k hit I swear if whoever it is doesn’t leave me a msg I shan’t be chuffed having come out of hibernation early and all. It’s likely to happen early tomorrow GMT in my opinion -of course if you’re on a Mac the alarm bells will ring and confetti will become your OS X screen saver, if you’re on a PC you’d never be expecting that to work properly anyway! The Red Baron Milestones board awaits your arrival oh fabled 10k hitter and the next milestone isn’t until 750 comments and that’s a fair way off so this is it miss it, miss out!

Song Of The Day – Razorlight ~ Golden Touch

Original Comments:

Lynne made this comment,
Waheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Now _there’s_ a sight for sore eyes 🙂 Welcome back UnkyRB!
(RG does a happy dance, trips over Creosote swears a lot and has to go and lie down again)


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comment added :: 26th August 2004, 00:24 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
Welcome Back Baron!!!
Now do I get a trackback for that Haywood refrence? Who gives out these elusive trackbacks? Do the trackbacks exsist, or am I off on a snipe hunt?


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comment added :: 26th August 2004, 00:33 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
twin, you have passed the 10k mark!!! i’m not sure if it was me or not, though…
good to have you back & kicking ass!

sarah [sarah.a@gmail.com]

[Redbaron responds – See, family, makes all the difference dunnit, what better sister could you want than one who gives up her time to see you safely thru’ the 10k barrier? Congrats honey, ’twas you. Treats will be forthcoming!]

comment added :: 26th August 2004, 15:52 GMT+01
Lizard Breath made this comment,
bout frickin time.
no, seriously, you were missed. welcome back.


comment added :: 26th August 2004, 21:57 GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
Welcome Back! Glad you are feeling rested and awaiting your next big rant! Cheers—
bluepoppy [bluepoppy@omworks.com]

comment added :: 27th August 2004, 04:51 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
dammit. 10078. always the bridesmaid, never the bride. that’s me.

comment added :: 27th August 2004, 17:57 GMT+01

moog made this comment,
hello dad(tee hee hee!)!
glad you are back to guide us in the ways of the left!
comment added :: 27th August 2004, 21:08 GMT+01

A visitor made this comment,
I am so glad to have you back. You went on hiatus just as I found you. And in case you were worried, I found out the meaning of “anorak” from my a Brit source.
Kristie [kristiesgu@gmail.com]

comment added :: 29th August 2004, 09:47 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
it’s good to have you back, mate! no, you didn’t miss much, but i’m sure you missed us all. 🙂
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comment added :: 29th August 2004, 19:42 GMT+01
john made this comment,
At last! Great to have you back Baron. I’ve now got to allow twice as much time for blog reading.
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comment added :: 30th August 2004, 13:26 GMT+01