Coventry (20)27 Leinster (10)44

So they got there in the end. It was a little concerning at half time because we’d played shite and the 3 of us in our Leinster shirts had got almost laughed at in the bar at half time, second half and normal service was resumed and it should really have been a few more were it not for 3 kicks hitting the post. The crowd were rather subdued in the 2nd half so the 3 of us had to do what bellowing we could as the Away support! But there you go it was a good craic and we all had a laugh, tho’ sadly since muggins had to drive himself and ‘thuggo mate’ homewards one could not partake in the good stuff to celebrate the victory properly. Strangely enough it was the first rugby match I’d been to since my Dad and I used to watch Rosslyn Park in the 1980s, the ground was remarkably similar brought back many memories.

Other than that as you know the redbaron has hit the magical 10k mark and one’s Twin sister was responsible for bringing up the milestone. Sarah therefore gets her name in the fabled RB Milestones listing as well as this splendid linked picture to her blog.
sarah.jpg You will naturally go and check her blog out and be very nice, because one is protective of one’s younger sister and will duff you up if you upset her!

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oh wow!! i get a post, a link AND a picture!!
this rocks!!


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dude, i don’t even follow sports in my own country, let alone another. 🙂
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