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Victoria Abril/Josiane Balasko

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This is indeed a classic Menage a trois farce. It is however an intelligent comedy and not formulaic, the ending is well constructed and by no means the sort of asanine one you would get were Hollywood to remake it. The premise is that Loli (Victoria Abril) and Laurent (Alain Chabat) have on the outside a perfect life, even if he does seem a workaholic. What Loli doesn’t know is that Alain is a serial philanderer and he is showing some ‘special’ clients considerably more than real estate. When a butch lesbian arrives asking to use the phone it leads to a set of circumstances that throw up that glorious sexual ambiguity that the French do so well. Victoria Abril is marvellous, she brings a real Spanish passion to the role that makes it hers. She is also stunning which helps! Alain Chabat and Josiane Balasko who wrote and directed the film are good supporting actors and have a real depth to the animosity felt between husband and wife’s lover. The situation and humour are farcecal without being slapstick or ‘Carry On’ but that being siad it isn’t too highbrow which makes it an accesible film for all.
This is well worth a fiver of anybody’s money, it’s funny, it’s well-acted, it’s a good story, so it’s got subtitles….and?

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