Firstly I ought to say I’ve had a shite day, I mean one of those days where you really should have turned the alarm off and deliberately overslept. It’s been Dental Darwinism and Death and hardly spirit raising stuff. I have consumately failed to come to grips with basic computer programming at work. Being a Mac specialist I naturally assumed that I had a lifetime ‘Get Out of Work Free’ card but it would appear not

Then off to the dentist where all did not go according to plan, firstly they may need to do a byopsy on a part of my mouth that hasn’t healed properly, the word byopsy doesn’t conjure happy thoughts I confess, as if that weren’t enough halfway through a restorative root canal bypass I got some hypochlorite stuck in my throat which burned and made me flinch, the movement caused the matrix band to break off taking the whole side of my tooth with it. This means the most likely result is that I will have to have the tooth extracted. I have the faintest suspicion that it is going to hurt. There was not enough time to extract today so they had to wedge the gum and shit to repair the tooth and that fucking hurt, I’m currently doping up to the eyeballs and it still hurts. I hate teeth they’re bollocks, the sooner natural selection starts sorting out an alternative to teeth the better.

As for Death, apart from the initial thoughts about the byopsy, well he popped into my mind this morning on the way in to work, I’m minding my own business driving up the M1 and I think, what happens after I’m gone eh, after I cease to exist and the world carries on as if I were never here. I know it’s a stupid arguement to have with yourself that’s probably why I have them, see like the fraudster post, I like to think that I may one day be intelligent, truth is I’m not very bright really, I’m a rather nervous individual, I scare easily. I’m not an especially nice person I guess and that’s not fishing for anything, I do have my moments and I mean well but realistically I add little to the planet at this point in time and the fact that I haven’t even lived up to the limited potential I have hardly does me any more credit.

OK no more self-pity, I’ve exorcised that, now for some more bile, I’m in a fucking bad mood, I have also calculated thaat if I move North to be nearer work, I’m not actually going to be better off because the raise in rent and council tax will account for any saving from the travel expenses. So can I justify leaving the kids for that?

Oh and did I mention that it took me an extra 45 mins to get home from Birmingham this evening because some twat decided to close Spaghetti Junction in the fecking rush hour for weeks so now I get to travel the even less scenic route through parts of Brum that make Pittsburgh look picturesque!

Finally my house-mate informs me that he’s around this weekend, bugger, bugger, bugger and he wants ‘to have a tidy up’ if he rearranges the sitting room one more fucking time I swear I’ll bloody swing for him.

Ah Bollocks, I’ve had enough, I’m going to bed or someone’s going to get hurt.

Song Of The Day – Led Zeppelin ~ Since I’ve Been Loving You

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Rina made this comment,
I know you weren’t fishing, but you’re really something else.
I was thinking about death recently. I was in a car and I saw this bus coming at us as we turned in a driveway. Now, I know that there wasn’t really anything to worry about, but I got to thinking “What if…?” Spent he rest of the day moping about, thinking about who I am so far and is it enough? Who would show up to the funeral? Who would tell my blog community I’m dead?

Best of luck with the rest of your tooth work, good thing I didn’t fly in today.

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Lynne made this comment,
(((RB))) Buggerin’ teeth, I’ve got two broken ones and a dentist who can’t see me until nest Friday, so I can empathise.
As for Death, he’s been hanging out here lately too – I can recommend reading Pratchett if you need to see him in a new light. Once you find out he likes curry and cats, he’s a bit less scary really. 😉

Thinking of you,


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A visitor made this comment,
I hope you feel better soon, Baron.
Kristie []

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Mary Blu made this comment,
Sounds to me like you need some self loving and a big hug!

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comment added :: 24th September 2004, 19:41 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
i think about death all the time. i think it is not a good thing to think of death as you are driving, i was doing it as i was driving around a roundabout…i was imagining what would happen if i misjudged it…and i nearly got to find out what would happen….arg!
its a bugger when you get healh problems, as it seems to put things back into perspective…nothing is fun if you are in pain!
im sending you a parcel of hugs, a few smiles, and a six pack of beer!!
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comment added :: 24th September 2004, 20:17 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
goddammit, it said that there was a new entry, i got all excited, i thought i’d be the first comment, but it didn’t want to show up, so i’ll have to settle for this until it will.
i hope you feel better soon, red. blog-city just wouldn’t be the same without you!

i HATE it when people clean my house! if you want to clean, dammit, go to your own house and clean that, it took a lot of effort to put the filth exactly where it is now!

i’ve been missing you at the blog, red! when you’re up to it, visit with your usual opinions, it just isn’t the same without you!


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comment added :: 25th September 2004, 01:38 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
I like my things where they are at. If I move them, I can see how bright the carpet is under them. Everything else around them has faded. Makes it easier to get everything back into alignment once I’m done vacuuming! ;^)
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comment added :: 27th September 2004, 22:53 GMT+01