Now you must give this a try it is most amusing. Give yourself a bit of time because it’s quite addictive and don’t recommend it to someone whilst you’re chatting or you won’t hear from them again!!!

Song Of The Day – Steely Dan ~ My Old School

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Karen made this comment,
That is AWESOME LOL – thanks for sharing
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comment added :: 29th September 2004, 22:40 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
hahahaha. i’m not sharing that, i’m keeping it to myself. 🙂
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comment added :: 30th September 2004, 00:58 GMT+01
Mary Blu made this comment,
That was very interesting…Fun too! Thanks!
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comment added :: 1st October 2004, 16:56 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
just heard that you were irish, (don’t know why i haven’t heard it myself) and you just went up quite a ways on the “ladder of coolness” (it’s an inside thing, but be proud, mate.) 🙂
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comment added :: 2nd October 2004, 04:30 GMT+01
Tine made this comment,
hehe too funny. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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comment added :: 4th October 2004, 10:30 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
That’s probably the first time someone has asked me if I am Cassandra from Only Fools and Horses and I have been in a position to say Yes, for that opportunity alone, I thank you!
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comment added :: 5th October 2004, 14:13 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Interesting, I said I was female, and answered “yes” to everything it asked me, and it got ANGRY at me! It’s guess:
I guess that you are You stupid ass cunt go fuck ur mom from from lick ur moms pussy out! Am I right?

Ouch! And I apologize for the language. Just thought I’d warn you that it can be pissed off!


comment added :: 17th October 2004, 04:58 GMT+01