I used to love Guy Smiley, he was manic.
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The Leftist made this comment,
my lord, I thought that the Bush / Lurch pic was the best, but you have me trumped good sir! Did you do make this, or just dig it up?
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[Redbaron responds – I cannot claim credit for this but how I found it is a strange one. I saw your picture and thought of Edwards that he looked like a muppet but I couldn’t place who, I then decided to see whether anyone else remembered Guy Smiley as I reminisced and ‘lo’ someone had also bridged the politics/muppet connection. The internet is a wonderful place for wierdos like me!]

comment added :: 6th October 2004, 02:19 GMT+01
rayts made this comment,
amusing indeed and I think haywood won’t mind.
comment added :: 6th October 2004, 02:46 GMT+01
MrDan made this comment,
Is Kerry the one on the left?

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A visitor made this comment,
Brilliant! That made my day!
Kristie [kristiesgu@gmail.com]

comment added :: 6th October 2004, 06:41 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
When Ireland score their first goal (of many), I’ll stand up and shout “YEEESSS, that one’s from the Baron, you cheese eating surrender monkeys”…
Nice picture, by the way, good work.
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Pimme made this comment,
He looks a little bit like my uncle, too! My uncle’s much older though.
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comment added :: 8th October 2004, 22:54 GMT+01
Rina made this comment,
::can’t breathe for laughing::
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comment added :: 24th October 2004, 02:03 GMT+01