“Another World is Possible” declares the slogan. The ESF is taking place and this time it’s in olde Londone Towne so one feels that it is important to pop along. Anyone else going? If you are about anywhere near either the Ally Pally or Bloomsbury and fancy coming along go to their website here and learn more/register. I haven’t been to one before but I know a few people who went out to Firenze last year and it was all they talked about for weeks. There are stacks of seminars and stuff and usually you get a brain overload but it’s a great chance to meet up with other red-green people from all over the place. Just think you too could meet The Baron in person! No, don’t let that put you off there’ll be many good people there too, John Pilger, Che Guevara’s daughter etc. etc. Seriously, go, you know you want to -a weekend full of politics and perhaps the odd drink! Splendid.

This will be the 3rd of my weekend sojourns to London, the next one is for the Respect National Convention where a few hundred of us are going to lock ourselves in a room and come up with some policies. That’s the plan, what’s actually going to happen is we’re going to fight for the first day then get pissed in the evening and then shit ourselves on the Sun. that we haven’t got enough time to formulate a coherent manifesto. Should be a grin. And in 50 years time if I’m still going I can chat to my Grandchildren who are studying Modern History and say -“Yeah your old Grandad was at that Convention, changed politics that did” and they’ll all sit there thinking “Oh bollocks the old goat isn’t going to start off on another of his ‘we changed the world in the 00s we did’ speeches!

Song Of The Day – Tears For Fears ~ Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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