Once upon a time there were 2 men who lived together in a house. Both men had their own bedroom and neither man liked the colour of the walls therein which was the same for both of them so they decided to paint them, but they could not agree on the best way to do so, so each resolved to only paint his own room.

The first man observed that as the original colour was so strong he would not be able to paint the room the colour he really wanted over it so he decided to choose a slightly less offensive shade of the original colour. He painted his room and tried to convince himself that the colour was different when all he was really thinking was that it was far too similar to the original one. the shade whilst slightly different was not as strong as the original colour and over time it seemed to be gobbled up by it.

The second man realised that the original colour was very strong and it would indeed be difficult to overshadow it but he decided to go for a colour in the middle between the colour he had on the wall and the colour he would ideally have liked and he painted the walls with this 3rd colour. The influence of the original colour was still plain to see when the man had finished but the colour he ended up with whilst not his original first choice was at least a little different from the original to be distinctive.

The men discussed their outcomes together the second man told the first man that although he had not acheived the colour scheme he wanted the next time he could afford to buy paint he would be able to choose the colour he favoured and stand a good chance of gradually acheiving the colour scheme he desired, whereas the first man had to admit that the strategy he had chosen meant that he had really still ended up with the same colour and would therefore have the same problem next time he could afford to paint.

It is a pity neither man ever heard of paint stripper!

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A visitor made this comment,
Or primer. 🙂

[Redbaron responds – Yes, I agree my first attempt at allegory was not without it’s practical flaws but for someone who never did fiction I was kind of chuffed with it in a fledgling embryo sort of way!]

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Rachel made this comment,
Huh. This wouldn’t happen to be a personal experience for you, would it? 🙂
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Bob Red made this comment,
or does it carry political undertones, with regards to how certain parties choose to run this country with the “strong colour that no one could paint over” being the complete fuck up caused by tory rule.
Maybe the paint stripper would be someone comming along with some radical scheme whereby everyone in england was relocated for a few years, the whole place was flattened and re-built, and we were allowed back in to live happily ever after..
but thats enough of the fairy tales.
or maybe im stating the obvious…


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Pimme made this comment,
While they were arguing over paint color, someone else came in and just hung wallpaper. ;^)
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Rina made this comment,
You like Travis! Rock on! My only prollem with them is so much of the record sounds the same. Tragic, really. I don’t own it, but I borrowed it from a friend. Love Track 8 — what’sit?
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A visitor made this comment,
You just saved me a trip to B & Q.

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