John Peel 1939 – 2004

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To those outside the UK who do not know who John Peel was I will say the following.

John Peel was the epitomy of the alternative establishment DJ. Practically every person who has grown up in the UK during the last 30 years will have a memory of listening to John Peel on Radio 1. Many who do not know John Peel’s show will know ‘The Peel Sessions’ series of recordings. John Peel was directly responsible for so many bands making it who would not otherwise have got a look in in the convention obsessed music business. The Undertones, Joy Division, The Fall are but 3 who’s success is directly attributable to John Peel. John Peel’s gravelly tones and laconic style were unique. He moved into Radio 4 6 years ago for a quirky Saturday morning show called Home Truths which was John Peel sharing personal ideosyncracies and interviewing other people about theirs, no-one else could have really carried that off with the humour and authenticity that he did.

I was not an avid listener of the Radio 1 show because I just rarely listened to the Radio on Friday nights but I must have listened to it a fair few times over the years. The selection of music was eclectic to say the least, there was simply no-one else on national radio in this country who could draw all the musical styles together. The music that I listened to and that shaped my teenage years have his hallmark all over it and for that, John Peel, and the person that I became as a result, I thank you.

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MrDan made this comment,
Where else would you hear a death metal track followed by reggae? He was one of a kind.

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Mary Blu made this comment,
“Where else would you hear a death metal track followed by reggae?”
At one of the local skating rinks here! 🙂

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Rachel made this comment,
I’d actually never heard of him until now. Amazing what I’ve never heard of that I hear or discover while reading your blog, mate. Kudos to you.
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[Redbaron responds – Well journey over to Moog and/or Skunx for some more Peel sadness]

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A visitor made this comment,
i’ve been reading about this man in the news, in people’s blogs for the past 2 days..so the name really rings a bell…

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A visitor made this comment,
I’ve barely read a blog here or abroad in the last week or so that hasn’t mentioned Peely’s passing.
A humble genius, the perfect uncle, a rolemodel for rebels everywhere.

Respect due.


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