Hmmm, currently at best mate’s just got home after 1st day of conference and then we all went down the pub en masse. Good stuff on the whole, tomorrow is constitution.

Was on the bus and Ex rang twice at like 10.30pm, needless to say I was a bit concerned and answered the second time. Very surreal conversation she asks me where I am and I say that I’m on the bus, she says “You ain’t on the fucking bus”, I tell her I fucking am on the fucking bus and where else the fuck does she think I fucking am to which she says it sounded like a canteen…..


Ok I’ll admit I’ve had a couple including a number of beers and then teaching the barman how to make a Cuba Libre “You touch that Bacardi I’m going to kick your arse!” And then a rather amusing interlude involving a walk to the bus stop, a bifta and a no doubt very old but most entertaining joke which someone told me very recently but I can’t remember who

Man comes home to his wife one night with a duck under his arm, he walks in and says “There you are there’s the pig I’ve been sleeping with recently”
His wife replies “That’s a duck”
The man says “I was talking to the duck!”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that’s very bloody funny, I laughed so much I missed the bus! (Dear oh dear Frank Carson is alive and well eh, ho ho ho, … you here all week?!!)

I digress, anyway I ask the Ex on the phone why she thinks if I were holed up in a canteen at 10.30 at night (!) why I would somehow choose to extrapolate myself from that obvious mire by saying I was on the bus? And what about the periodic ding of the bell?
She says she wasn’t calling to get in an argument it was just about trust and me being where I said I was.
I said why, did she not believe me when I said I was going to the conference? She said no, I said so why has she rang me now does she think I will now tell the truth if I’m not where I said I was going to be? She says well she’ll have to trust me when I say where I am. I say but you didn’t trust me you said I wasn’t on the fucking bus!
I then said what fucking business was it of hers anyway to which she replied that the current arrangement wouldn’t be able to continue anyway if I had for example found anyone else.


No, no amount of London Pride and Havana Club and anything else accounted for the nature of that one. So I see now evidently it’s well whilst you’re in the financial crap with no social life etc. you can be round here and see the kids etc. but if you start to think about getting a life then no more Ms Nice Ex.!

Is it just me and the slightly non altogether with it state I’m in or does that all sound rather odd?!

Anyway, for those interested in the conference itself I’ll be putting some info on in the next day or 2 it has been good so far and tomorrow we have another full day. I am thinking seriously about making my maiden speech at a political meeting. I have a speech that I wrote during one of the debates today, I just don’t know if I have the bottle to get up there in front of the 350 odd people. If I do I’ll let you know, otherwise I’ll just hang my head in shame and embarrassment!

On an unrelated note I met the most beautiful Turkish woman I have ever seen, she was lovely, and she was with her partner. Sometimes life just likes to play these little games with you.

Now if you’ll excuse me the clocks go back in an hour or so and I intend to make the most of the extra hours sleep since this time last year I was doped up to the eyeballs on ibuprofen and cocodemol and in the middle of 62 hour non-sleep marathon on account of horrendous dental pain.

Song Of The Day – The Isley Brothers ~ Who’s That Lady?

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haywood made this comment,
lol, good post young mate, I’m drunk as a skunk right now! expext ninja haywood pics soon…
comment added :: 31st October 2004, 06:22 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
Haha, sounds like you had a very busy night. Thanks, Haywood, for the heads up. 🙂
I don’t think I’ve heard that joke before, and can just see you MISSING the bus because of it. (?) 🙂

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comment added :: 31st October 2004, 23:23 GMT+01
Lizard Breath made this comment,
sorry about the nag-ex. that totally sucks. hope the conference continues to go well and that you “dream of large women.”
btw, I can totally empathize on the dental pain – what is it when them and ultra sharp hooks dug into your gums that makes these asshats all ‘chatty’ ? geez.


comment added :: 1st November 2004, 05:03 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
hope they give you a good lunch!!! 🙂
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comment added :: 1st November 2004, 12:30 GMT+01