30 children in an orphanage in Nicaragua saved their pocket money and donated it to the BBCs Children in Need program, they raised £1.


I thought that was one of the most touching things I had ever heard. It made my eyes a bit bloody misty I can tell you. It also gave a little lift to my faith in humanity. It takes children to show us what is important because they know and are not tainted with the material greed or desire to be cool that we have as adults.

It also reminded me of the time when my daughter was born, there were some Kosovan refugees at my Mother’s church. My Mother, proud Grandmother as she was of course, was going round telling people about the birth of her Granddaughter. The Kosovans spoke to my Mother and told her that in Kosovo it is customary to give money upon the birth of a child, as they had no money they gave the only thing they could which was one of their £5 Food Vouchers that they received instead of benefits. My Mother was obviously very moved by this but replied quite rightly that I would not wish them to give anything when they already had so little. They insisted as a matter of pride and my Mother took the gift and when she next came she gave it to me. I kept it as I will always keep it to remind me that when the chips are down people are inherently good and do look after one another no matter what sort of hardship they are faced with. It has also been one of the driving factors behind my desire to see an end to the fortress mentality of our borders and immigration restrictions. I can do little more for these people but it would be quite wrong of me to do any less.

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King made this comment,
naw…the pills will do just nicely. thanks anyways.
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Danny the Infidel made this comment,
Have you ver notised that it’s them that have the least that are most willing to give?
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Rachel made this comment,
That’s a great way of putting it, Danny. That’s such a touching story.
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