“The United States is deeply concerned over the elections in Ukraine…

“Should, in the final analysis, this election prove to be fundamentally flawed and tarnished, we would certainly need to review our relations with the Ukraine and consider further steps against individuals who had engaged in fraud.”

“This is not a question about support for one candidate or another candidate. This is a question about support for the democratic process – for people to be able, without intimidation or harassment or the threat of violence, to freely express their opinion and for that opinion to be accorded its due weight in a fair and transparent process. That up till now has not happened in the Ukraine…”

US state department spokesman Adam Ereli

“It is now apparent that a concerted and forceful programme of election-day fraud and abuse was enacted with either the leadership or co-operation of governmental authorities.

“I believe that President Kuchma has the responsibility and the opportunity for producing, even at this point, an outcome which is fair and responsible.”

US Senator Richard Lugar, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I saw those and then the title of my blog sprang to mind. So what we have here is a case of “Do as we say, not as we do.”

Regardless of the actualities of the election in the Ukraine I really hope that Viktor Yanukovych tells the US to ‘fuck off’ after all he’s the pro-Russia candidate so wtf does he care what the bloody Yanquis think anyway?!

Song Of The Day – The Beatles ~ Back In The USSR

Original Comments:

Rachel made this comment,
First comment.
Not sure what relevence this has, but it came to me while reading this entry. Did you see the bill that didn’t make it because of the Republicans. The name escapes me but it was the bill issued by the 9/11 commission, and everyone was very for it, even the president said a thing or two in it’s favour….but….at the last minute, the republicans turned around and didn’t pass it. Typical.

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comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 01:41 GMT+01
Danny the Infidel made this comment,
We have a saying in Sweden about not throwing stones when sitting in a glas house. Guess it’s the same as the one about the pot, kettle and the colour black.
But to be serius, the ellection in Ukraine seam to have a lot of flaws. Will be intriseting if we will be seing a new Georgia.

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[Redbaron responds – The glass houses analogy is apt and we have the same one in English. I am not actually commenting on the Ukrainian election result as I have only the news to go on and I have no concrete proof that this is not agenda-driven. I have however the same information as the Americans who made those comments!]

comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 16:46 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Oh the irony. I can’t stand it. I just can’t stand it.
Kristie [kristiesgu@gmail.com]

comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 16:50 GMT+01
Danny the Infidel made this comment,
Oops! Seams like the oposition leader, Viktor Yushchenko, have sworn him self in as president. This guys don’t even wait for the courts to diside.
Civil war next?
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[Redbaron responds – Yeah that didn’t sot to well with me, Yushenko seems very sure of himself and that always concerns me. Why if he believes there has been such an injustice does he not take the moral high ground and press for the decision to be overturned in the Supreme Court which is acknowledged as being apolitical?]

comment added :: 23rd November 2004, 19:15 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
I wonder if Nostradamus predicted all of this?
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comment added :: 24th November 2004, 00:30 GMT+01
baracuda made this comment,
And they say that Americans don’t do ironing…
I wonder what Alanis thinks of the whole thing.

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[Redbaron Responds – She’s probably think it was sarcastic with her clear grasp of semantic concepts!]

comment added :: 24th November 2004, 15:25 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
What is it with people who wear orange ?

comment added :: 24th November 2004, 17:47 GMT+01