I had a blog lined up today so I am fucking annoyed that I am having to put a good rant at Britain on hold for a more important rant against the US again. Bastards, can’t they give me a break for 5 minutes to complain about something else?!

They’re bringing the big guns out now are they, now Colin Powell wades into the debate and refuses to accept the result of the election. Is he subject to a different set of information than the rest of us? I suspect not, he may be the only one in the current administration to know where Ukraine is but I bet he knows about as much about it as I do about Alabama.

I have heard some more information about the Ukrainian election, it appears that Yanukovitch’s heartlands in the East towards Russia were allegedly returning 96% for him in some districts and that this has raised alarm bells. Probably quite rightly 96% seems rather high and one would want to take a look. Just as one might want to take a look at the results in some of the Western provinces the heartlands of Yuschenko where many areas returned figures of 93% for the opposition leader, yet I’ve heard far less about that side of things than I have heard analogies to the old guard fiddling the way they did in the old days, it would appear it’s all back to the good old days of Uncle Joe in Kiev.

What galls me is where is this righteous indignation for Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, where was this safeguarding of the democratic right of the people in Chile in 1972 or Nicaragua and the Sandinista government in the 1979? What about Vietnam or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela or the popular Cuban revolution in 1959? Is it just me or does it appear that the US is only ever interested in the will of the people if the will of the people happens to match the will of the American government? Would the furore about Ukraine be the same if it was the pro-Russian candidate who was disputing the result and the pro-European had been declared the winner? No, bollocks would it, they would say there were some irregularities and that would be it. Funnily enough the same as happened after the Zimbabwean election a couple of years ago where the opposition MDC were clamouring for international pressure and the election observers declared serious doubts about the legitimacy of the election result. Where was Colin Powell’s rectitude then?

And what of Iran? Britain, France and Germany have brokered a deal that the Iranians seem happy with but it requires the sanction of the US and yet the US choose in this moment to be stand-offish -at a time when they are up to their ears in Iraq with oil at $55 a barrel and set to rise if there is any trouble with Iran and the US telling us it wishes to make the world a safer place and yet now they want to give Iran the cold shoulder. Why would they want to do that? Perhaps because the nuclear program is of less interest then having a more pro-american regime in power in Tehran. You think I’m kidding? You think Condoleeza Rice is kidding…?

Song Of The Day – Blur ~ Charmless Man

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Rachel made this comment,
I’m afraid if you look long enough, you’ll find there’s always something to rant about against the States.
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[Redbaron responds – Sadly that’s very true!]

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Danny the Infidel made this comment,
You must look on the bureaucratic apparatus surrounding, and guiding, the American governments like you look on a omnipotent, jet erratic God.
Sometimes it’s benevolent, sometimes it’s vengeful or enraged and sometimes it just could not care, and it’s often very hard for anyone to predict in what state the ‘God’ is. We just have to take the good graces we can get.
I think I will name the new deity Whatever. Bush being it’s current high priest
Behold, you are in the presence of the great God Whatever!

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Pimme made this comment,
Logic and reason are out the window these days when it comes to guessing what the US government’s next move is going to be. Rice is just going to make things worse, I don’t trust her at all.
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haywood made this comment,
Great song of the day, I just picked up Blur’s greatest hits great disk!
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Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
thats Uncle Tom Condoleeza to you, sonny jim.
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A visitor made this comment,
The Ukrainian opposition has been described (glowingly) as ‘made in America’. America does not allow foreign funding in its electoral process, so why should any other state. At the same time, the current Kuchma/Yakunovich govt is unsavoury, but that shouldn’t give a carte blanche to imperialism. They are clearly pro-capitalist and not Soviet leftovers as is alleged – they’re just looking to Russia rather than the West. As to Zimbabwe, I think many leftwingers should be a bit more careful about swallowing all the anti-Mugabe propaganda, which is skewed by the interests of the white elite. After all, the confiscated white farms were taken from blacks within living memory. I don’t think you can support either side.

[Redbaron responds – A well-thought out comment thanks. The Ukrainian situation is basically just down to the West being peeved the the Ukrainians don’t seem to be all gung-ho pro EU. As for Zimbabwe I agree entirely, I don’t like Mugabe and I don’t think he’s a left-winger and he is not feeding many of his people, but many of those that criticise him are coming from a very old-empire position.]

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