This HitMap thing is very strange because according to it I would appear to have quite the fanatical following in Belgium but not a single visitor from England, which is cack ‘cos I know Moog has shuffled in once or twice. I wonder if this is how The Hoff feels about his Austrian following! This leads me to question whether any of the Hitmap is accurate at all which is a shame because I was quite liking the idea of having somebody from South America (Northern Argentina or Southern Brazil if my geography and map reading serves me correctly) as well as someone from India and a goodly selection of Antipodeans and Septics on the Eastern Seaboard. And I think rayts is on there too.

I have now passed 250 entries of which well over 200 have been published so I’m quite chuffed about that because if each entry averages 250 words then I’d have written 50,000 words. As it is I think I have written a reasonable amount more but unlike Blogger you don’t have a total word count at BC which is a shame. Hold on I might just suggest that one to the BC aristocracy. I’ve nearly reached 900 comments as well which I’m even more pleased with because so many of those comments have led to new blog entries and online friendships and things which I would not have expected when I started this project.

I nearly passed 50% of my total hits coming in November which is a bit mad, at the peak I was getting over 1000 hits a day for a few days. It has settled down since then and I suspect my return to obscurity is around the corner. So be it, at least I can now say I was a player once! I’m not sure where all the hits came from whether the Anti-Bush webring had something to do with it, or the fact that I went right-wing blog-diving just for some fun! I have ruled the commenters list in the Baron dynasty days before the illustrious reign of Pimme who is positively Victorian in her longevity! And I have been on the Hot Blogs Top 10 as well as simultaneously in the Top 3 of all of my categories (WierdoBlog No.1) and Top 3 under England which I was kind of chuffed with. So I have at least this month done my bit to get up the nose of the right.

I’m a little concerned about the whole bandwidth situation if this becomes a problem, I was on 1.54GB at the end of Nov which based on the figures I’ve heard about from other people would appear to be quite high. However I don’t know what the qualifier is is so far as is it down to the amount of pictures and stuff that you have or does incoming/outgoing traffic or whatever come into it. Certainly I expected that since I pay my cash I will be left to get on with it and if that is not going to be the case then I’d have to decamp, after all there are services like Blogger which is free and various others that charge that may not have restrictions. Anyway the bandwidth thing may not come to the fore, at the moment mine stands at 0 whatever that means (presumably I am talking to myself then!) I was just a bit concerned at the precedent the whole ‘looking at the bandwidth with a view to charging’ idea set. Just an opinion.

I appreciate this is all very dull for you but it’s for me to look back on really. Call it an AGM shareholders report if you like, the Baron commits his blog, as of the last 11 months of his tenure, for your approval and would like to offer the above as the evidence as to why he believes he should remain at the helm! Oh and I wouldn’t mind a pay rise whilst you’re at it!

Song Of The Day – Toots And The Maytals – 54-46 Was My Number

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Pimme made this comment,
I was wondering why my blog never made it to the Top Ten or the categories list, then I realized that you have to be premium to get that. *Rats!*
Right when I did the blog about the bandwidth, the end of the month came and they reset us all to zero. However, now it’s Dec. 2 and so far none of use have seen our counters move from 0. Maybe they’ll scrap the whole bandwidth idea?

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alsoknownas made this comment,
What a fabulous blog.
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[Redbaron responds – I say, what a marvellous comment, you can come again!]

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Rachel made this comment,
::sighs:: I actually had something intellegent sounding to say here, but my computer broke down, I signed back on, and the moment is gone. So sorry.
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