While we were all in the house tonight round at my ex’s someone tested the front door and removed the keys from behind and made off with the ex’s car. An approximately 20 year old 2 door Nissan Micra. This comes exactly 12 months (within 4 days) since the house was burgled. So now Xmas is going to be one like last year of angst, fear, frustration and spending days on the phone to insurance idiots. We had to get the locks changed obviously which was fun.

I am inclined to say it kind of proves that there either isn’t a God or if there is he/she/it is a tosser because I’m an atheist and the ex isn’t. My car keys were in my jacket just by the door and my car had a fair few Xmas presents in, it is also a car worth a fair bit more than the ex’s.

I drove around for hours trying to see if the car was around the Ind. Estates and shit but no sign. The filth think it might be found dumped tomorrow. Bastards haven’t even dusted the door for prints tonight, ‘”they’ll be round in the morning” fucking marvellous and how pray do we get the lock changed and open the bloody door in the meantime. Space cadets I’m going to withold my council tax in protest. Bastards.

So Santa be warned, I’m afraid if you are coming, ring the bell because I have armed the ex with my baseball bat and at my house I have cricket bat, hockey stick and gun so be warned.

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Rina made this comment,
I’m torn between laughing (because you told it all in quite an amusing way) and feel sorry. I can do both, can’t I? By the way, remember when I said Heyward’s car was stolen? Turns out it wasn’t, but he’s a plonker and a moron and had forgotten how far up the street he had parked it. I kid you not. Made for some good laughs on my end and after that I made sure to let him know he was a complete imbecile.
Hope the car gets found. Glad the gifts are still around, that’s what counts anyway! Ahaha.

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Pimme made this comment,
You certainly can’t be too careful around this time of the year. People really like to take advantage around the holidays.
Burglars will never steal my keys. Half the time, I can’t find them myself! ;^)

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Bob Red made this comment,
Sorry to hear that mate… I sympathise, insurance idiots sounds just about right. I keep thinking of that direct line advert where someone rings up and you see the camera zoom into the operators ear, and the three charlies angels clones start talking about how they are going to fix the situation. In reality, the camera should zoom into her ear, and end up going straight through and out the other side illustrating that they havent got a brain!
I hope it dosent spoil things for you all too much and for what its worth, I hope you have a good one mate. May the burglars end up with their heads wedged in the gears of a combine harvester, whilst sparrows peck away at their genitalia in order to prevent them from spawning more burberry cap wearing vile offspring!
Hope things work out ok…

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haywood made this comment,
That sucks baron, sorry to here. Probably one of those nasty chavs huh?
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[Redbaron responds – I’ll fucking bet they were chavs too the feckin’ c….]

comment added :: 24th December 2004, 01:52 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
What a bunch of jack offs. What the hell are you supposed to do until they come? Mind you, chances are the car will be found completely stripped and it’ll just be some low class ass hole with nothin’ better to do. You did already tell me this, so instead of just feeling pity, I’m kind of pissed. If this happened to me, I’d be more then pissed.
Rina’s right though, you did tell it in a humourous way. 🙂

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