So the car was found, I had kind of expected it to be, they get a lot of abandonned cars around there. Generally they are just left as is, sadly this was not the case for the Ex’s. Her car was well and truly trashed, it had been driven into the ground front axle knackered, driven into a goalpost mullering the front, the windows had been smashed in and it had been jumped on. So my ex had to go and identify the car and see it in that state, a car which had been in the family for like over 15 years.

Now she has to buy a new car, the cost of the insurance which has just been paid is more than the value of the car so it’s going to be costly. All for a couple of dickheads to have a 30 mph joyride, I mean the car was so old it’s like only going to do 40 downhill.

So which is the greater write-off the car or Christmas? No, I shall attempt to ho ho ho and put on a jolly face because that’s what I do but the stuffing has been somewhat removed if you’ll pardon the pun.

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What a bummer, Baron. I’ll try to send some Christmas cheer to you and yours. Feliz navidad, amigo.

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Rachel made this comment,
Put a happy face on with your kids. They’ll remember it. For you, All I can say is, I hope this gets better for ya. What a way to start the new year! I hope the fuckin’ bastards who stole the car are enjoying theirs! *mumbles*
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