Now correct me if I’m wrong but had a politician or a lawyer or a police officer or another public figure been at a party dressed in a Nazi uniform their resignation would have been called for, certainly an apology from a spokesman would not have been deemed sufficient. The fact that Prince Harry was at a party themed ‘colonial and natives’ is all the more ironic, he could have turned up as himself and said he was a member of the repressive English aristocracy – no costume required!

I find it baffling that in the year that commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz and many other concentration camps, where the TV and media is awash with stories and documentaries about 1945, that this over-pampered overpaid lout has the sensitivity of an avalanche. I’m afraid I take little comfort in the fact that his application to Sandhurst is not to suffer from this situation, the idea of him going into the army with his obvious tact and sagacity means that whilst he may fit in well with many of the others there he is not the sort of person that I think should be running a tap let alone a company of soldiers or, heaven help us all, the country.

There is little enough taught these days about the whole situation in Germany in 1939-45 with the context from 1918 and the ‘Dolchstosslegende’ and hyper inflation of the 20s and assassination of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg all playing their part leading to the election of Hitler in 1933. There is little taught about the control of the media by one source from Alfred Hugenburg to Joseph Goebbels and the effect of the agit-prop and the similarities with the control over today’s media market. There is little taught that as well as the Jews mercilessly slaughtered in the Death camps by the Nazis there were some 2 million Soviet prisoners slaughtered who were in fact the test cases for the mass extermination with gas. Not to mention the political prisoners from Germany and Poland the Communists, the Socialists, the Trade unionists who were imprisoned and killed. The Jewish lobby is right to commemorate those Jews who died in the Holocaust and we should never forget but I hear little from the jewish lobby seeking to remember their gentile comrades who died alongside them in the camps and to forget them is as wrong as it would be to forget the all the people in Dachau or Belsen whilst we remember Auschwitz.

I fail to see that in the 21st century you can create a society based on any egalitarian principles when there is this glass ceiling above which you can only rise by virtue of birthright.

When will people realise just because one family are paid for by all the rest of us does not give them the right to behave offensively and undiplomatically, but then after all look at his Grandfather. Time we got rid of this outdated inefficient institution like the former colonies did with the Empire.

I would like to tackle some of the points made by members of the public that I have seen listed on the BBC website, some of which beggar belief:

“Shouldn’t we be hearing an apology from whoever leaked these pictures to the newspapers? Wearing that outfit to a public function would have been unforgivable, but he wore it to a private party. If it wasn’t for the so-called friend who saw fit to invade his privacy like this, no more than about twenty people would know about his bad choice of costume, and hardly anyone would be offended.”

Well I’m sorry but that is tantamount to saying whatever you do in the privacy of your own home or parties is fine and dandy and I’m afraid that doesn’t wash. Realistically if you keep yourself to yourself and don’t seek attention sure you may get away with almost anything but is paedophilia ok provided no-one knows, of course not.

“He is a young man under a lot of pressure, but should still realise that the UK press is always waiting for him to make a slip-up. Seeing as it was a private party, the current apology should suffice. Why apologise in person when the press will use this as another opportunity to further drag him through the dirt?”

Pressure, fuck me I’d take his worries over mine any day of the week. I’m afraid since we are paying for his opulent lifestyle it seems perfectly justifiable to know what he gets up to, don’t forget the Royal Family are supposed to represent us in public you know! What fucking pressure does the imbecile have anyway, does he have to worry about his food/accommodation/education/job prospects/healthcare no none of the above. This argument about the royals having a tough time is absolute undiluted bullshit. I have no truc with the whole press intrusion issue. If you don’t like it then fuck off and get a real job. The press don’t hound me every day, neither do they hound many actors or politicians who do not court controversy whilst remaining in the public eye for their work. Those who choose to be public and ‘celebrities’ reap enormous financial benefits from it and if they feel the price is greater than the remuneration then there’s always bar work or construction sites.

“If the Board of Deputies of British Jews has accepted the apology already issued then that should be the end of it. However, I suspect many other groups will not be content with a mere apology and will want to blow the issue out of all proportion”

Why, are the British Jews the only ones who fought and died as a result of the Nazis? I am only 1/4 German but I do not accept his spokesperson’s apology on behalf of my 2 Great Uncles who were killed and my Grandfather who was tortured.

“Harry may have been silly but he is young and entitled to have fun in his young years. It would be good to see his brand of humanity, sense of humour and zest for life copied in others.”

Oh I see it was ‘just a bit of harmless fun’ ha ha ha ha ha FUCK OFF, yes his emulation of a Fascist showed a remarkable joie de vivre didn’t it, I certainly found the cares of the day just vanished into thin air, I know let’s invite the BNP to our social functions, come on everyone it’s cuddle a black shirt week.

“Prince Harry may have made an unfortunate misjudgement, but what were the tabloid press doing at what was presumably a private party? I’m certain they weren’t invited!”

They weren’t invited to the Wannsee Conference either but just think of the information we might have had in advance had they been so.

Leave the guy alone. These stories are promoted to sell newspapers, not for any critical news worthiness. He is young and should be allowed to do things without half of the UK looking over his shoulder every minute. Don’t the critics have anything more serious in their lives to worry about? Sad people!

Yes, of course he should, except since more than half the population have to pay his wages I think the fact that he is 20 shouldn’t come into it. I knew enough when I was 20 not to dress up as Goering despite having the figure for it and I didn’t have the education he did.

“It was short-sighted of Harry to wear such a costume. If it were anyone else, it would hardly have been reported. If anything, it has drawn publicity to what we should be contemplating – the Auschwitz commemorations.”

Oh I see it was a Nazi Awareness stunt was it, that explains everything, what a splendid idea where’s my Iron Cross? I’m going as Himmler.

“Will these people ever get some privacy? It’s a God-given right.”

Is it indeed and just where do you get that from?

“And Moses did declare that there was one additional commandment that God did not have enough room on his tablets for and it was this – Thou shalt not invade the privacy of the ruling class.” Leviticus 12 v 25

“And quoth Jesus It is imperative that the aristocracy be left alone by the riff-raff, it might be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God but the British Royal Family are exempt from any of that” Luke 5 v 13

My mistake.

“The costume was in bad taste, but remember that loads and loads of people have dressed up and still do dress up in Nazi uniforms for fancy dress parties. Even the TV/film industry have used the Nazi uniforms in comedy films and programmes. Unfortunately, Prince Harry will always be in the public eye and the press will always be there snapping away in his face. They should give him and other Royals more space. It does seem that the press have not learned their lesson. Should he make a public apology, NO.”

Of course, Harry was on his way to tryout for the chorus line of ‘Springtime for Hitler’ or was it Herr Flick in ‘Alo Alo’? The Press should give them more space, more space how much fucking space do they want have you seen the size of Buck House and Balmorel and Sandringham, Jesus they have more space than a Texan oil baron.

“A storm in a teacup. Yet again, our over censorious media feeds us an anti-royalist story to upset the credulous tabloid-reading ninnies. Yes, this is foolish from Prince Harry but it is in the context of a private party (do all members of the Royal Family forsake a private life nowadays?) but hardly a war-crime. Please brighten up Britain and do not take everything so seriously.”

The Sun anti-royalist hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, have you ever read The Sun?! And we’re back to the private party argument again. Yes it was a party, it was the Nazi Party! War crimes eh sorry who was it that invented concentration camps again…? We shouldn’t take things seriously it’s true, here’s an idea why don’t we go down to Buck House and shoot some royals and have a good laugh, tell you what if we go down on horseback we could claim it was a fox hunt stylee and we were only getting rid of vermin – tally ho chaps.

“I’m sure he’s not the first or the last to wear a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. He didn’t decide to be a royal, it was forced upon him. I feel sorry for him. If everything I did was under public scrutiny I’m sure I’d offend some people.”

Yes the poor little mite, must have been tough for him to live in palaces and go to the most expensive schools. We really are bastards for insisting that he sponge off the public purse all his life, we should be ashamed of ourselves. As for the second point who says you’d have to be in the public eye to offend some people, you managed to offend me from the comfort of your living room.

“It was a costume party after all… I don’t think he intended to offend anyone. I thought that the war was history and yet it still evokes huge emotions.”

Yeah funny how people still get a bit hot under the collar over such trifling matters as mass genocide you think they might get over it after a nice cup of tea.

“Why not send Prince Harry to Auschwitz so that he can get an idea for himself what it was like to suffer under Nazis. His infantile behaviour is not only an insult to Jewish people but to the current German nation.”

Actually I can’t find any fault with this one! Can I volunteer for guard duty to pistol whip the little shit?! Oh you meant he should go just to visit, ah sorry my exuberance got the better of me!

Song Of The Day – Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen
[Had to be really, didn’t it?!]

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moog made this comment,
i agree, make him go!!! little bastard!!!
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comment added :: 13th January 2005, 21:53 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
That was probably the HARDEST that I have ever laughed at one of your blogs! Your comments were priceless! ;^D
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comment added :: 13th January 2005, 21:59 GMT+01
Diogenes made this comment,
The question it raises for me is: what was everyone else wearing? I mean, colonials and natives? Pith helmets and whips?
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comment added :: 13th January 2005, 22:35 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
He doesn’t exactly appear to be the brightest bulb, does he? I must say though that on this story (which I’ll happily admit to not having researched properly) he was on a hiding to nothing. I mean a member of the royal family at a “colonials and natives” party is asking for trouble. Not sure that avoiding the British Empire and going Afrika Korps was the correct way to get around it though……
neil []

comment added :: 13th January 2005, 22:53 GMT+01
Rina made this comment,
Ah, laughed long and hard at this one. Check-plus, Baron, not that you need it from me. I say send ‘im off for a round of the concentration camp game, have him say hello to the 70+ family members of my there, too. The more I think about it the angrier I get.
Goddamn poopyhead. (angry and tired = childish. Bear with me)

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comment added :: 13th January 2005, 23:30 GMT+01
Mark Ellott made this comment,
The sooner they all get P45s the better. As for not being the brightest bulb in the box – well look at the gene pool…
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comment added :: 14th January 2005, 13:37 GMT+01
Mark Ellott made this comment,
Oh, yeah, couldn’t let this one pass though…
“Who was it invented concentration camps?”

Er, actually, it was the British, during the Boer war. Ummm….. 😉

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[Redbaron responds – indeed so, hence the point. Good old Lord Kitchener eh!]

comment added :: 14th January 2005, 15:09 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
Leave him alone Baron. He’s doing a splendid job for the REPUBLICAN cause. Let’s hope that one day soon they will all f**k off back to Saxe-Coberg-Gotha. Great post mate, keep ’em coming.

[Redbaron responds – I can’t fault you on that logic mate except not Niedersachsen please I still have family in Goettingen!]

comment added :: 14th January 2005, 16:03 GMT+01
King made this comment,
I am already a King…a Jeff King. haha
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comment added :: 14th January 2005, 21:04 GMT+01
haywood made this comment,
(haywood side steps MG-42 fire to comment)
What has become of mother england!

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[Redbaron responds – Her tits dried up years ago mate she’s not been nurturing anyone for decades.]

comment added :: 15th January 2005, 08:52 GMT+01
the mad made this comment,
Oh I don’t know, last picture I saw of darling Harry he look very nurtured… rosy cheeked, bright eyed and bushy tailed… well, rosy cheeked at least, the eyes were kind of glazed and the bushy tail was attached to the corpse of some small animal… never mind.
At least it’s a change, if I read one more bloody “the spirit of Diana spoke to me through my aunts cat Herbert” article I’m going to pry out my eyeballs and use them to stone the newsstand.

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[Redbaron responds – Ah now hold on a mo’ Herbert found that whole experience really distressing!]

comment added :: 16th January 2005, 16:33 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
brilliant post – he’s such an idiot and deserves all the slack he’s getting. and an apology in person is the least that he can do.

comment added :: 18th January 2005, 12:35 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
Wasn’t that great? He shows up like a nazi, and says “it was a poor choice of costume, oops.” Yech!
Good post.
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comment added :: 18th January 2005, 23:00 GMT+01