I had a quite disturbing dream at 5.33am – it was about alligators, very large and very hungry and for some reason I was trying to get across a rapids river and there were 2 groups of alligators and we were trying to get across in the middle. I don’t recall exactly what happened it was goingfine at first but then ssomething went wrong and things were going badly, I remember I was trying to pull someone up the bank of the river and I couldn’t hold onto them. Shortly after that I woke up. It was rather harrowing really, I have no idea what it came from, I haven’t seen anything on the idiot box that would account for it so I’m puzzled. Unless it’s one of the 2 soft toy crocodiles I still have from when I was young that are languishing somewhere in the attic. Anyway it wasn’t very nice and I object at waking up at Stupid AM in a fright at my age. I won’t have it you know do you have any idea who I am?!

Song Of The Day – Bill Haley & The Comets – Rock Around The Croc

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Lynne made this comment,
Steady! D’you want me to get all Jungian and analyse it for you?

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A visitor made this comment,
Bill Haley. Ah ! Those were the days. See you later alligator !

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Pimme made this comment,
Dreams usually translate from real life situations, rather than shows that we saw on TV.
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