Note to putative parents – have your children’s parties somewhere, anywhere where you don’t have to clear up! Trust me, you’ll only make the mistake once!

Thanks to Lynne for alerting me to this rather ego-boosting little statistic!

I am worth $74,258,059.26 for one night of wild lovin’! How much are you worth?
Go see for yourself

Takers? Call it $50 million for cash!

Song Of The Day – Stereophonics – Dakota

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protagonist made this comment,
Hi RB – I signed up to get your emails via blog. Duffster
[Redbaron responds – Mate I’m touched, good to have you with us.]

comment added :: 19th February 2005, 14:53 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
Look, I’ve done the sums, and even if I sell the cats, the kids and the house that doesn’t even belong to me anyway, I’m still going to be short. Can I have a discount? Pweaaaaaaaase?
Go on, you know I love you 😉


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comment added :: 19th February 2005, 20:19 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
i am worth $89,303,225.28!! I am more expensive than Brad Pitt ($83,201,235.53) and Angelina Jolie ($82,448,977.23)!!!
Thanks for making me feel SO much better about myself!! This made my day!

p.s: and you, by the way, are more expensive than Britney Spears, darling twin!

sarah []

[Redbaron responds – Sigh, always the bridesmaid…!]

comment added :: 20th February 2005, 12:51 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
That site would be more fun with an itemized breakdown of costs.
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comment added :: 21st February 2005, 20:57 GMT+01