One day I will kill one of those fuckers. I mean this morning major tailbacks on the motorway, took me well over half an hour to go 4 miles. And what was the cause of such sluggish movement, was there something awry in the northbound carriageway, no there was not. The reason for the tailback going north was all the fucking rubber necking bastards having a good old gawp over the central reservation to see what was going on in the southbound carriageway where there had been a serious accident. The same thing happened last week when it took me 4 hours to get home from London on account of a series of such incidents. It happened last month – 2 hours to get home part of a 25 mile tailback all because of the tossers trying to look over into the other carriageway. A lorry had jacknifed some 4 hours before so there wasn’t exactly anything still going on but nevertheless all the gits have to have a butcher’s.

What the fuck are they trying to see? I mean if you were really looking what are you wanting to see -the full gory monty? Perhaps they should lay out any corpses for you all to see eh would that make it easier? Or why not convert the outside lane of the motorway into a viewing gallery so you can all get out of your car, you macabre cvnts! Then at least the rest of us who do not wish to spend first thing Monday morning looking at gore, Kensington or otherwise, can be on our way. If I want to look at gory shit there’s the internet. So if you’re a rubber-necking bastard stay at home and use your fucking computer or buy a David Cronenberg film, whatever you do stay off the fucking roads because it’s you dickheads that cause the attitude in the first place, oh and if you drive a 4×4 especially if it’s a BMW X5 I am going to kill you, I mean it!

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Go get ’em tiger. Driving up to Phoenix from Tucson one day, we came upon an accident on the other side of the interstate. I happened to see a foot sticking out from under a tarp. It was horrifying, and haunted me for some time thereafter.

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Now, now Red Baron…raod-rage never did any body any good. Only place it will get you is a free ticket to Statesville…. 🙂
But I agree with you…I think it’s everywhere you go. The gorrier the better….makes me sick to my stomach too.

Have a good day.



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Guten abend Red Baron,
Ich muss wieder sagen, dass mein Schreiben und lesen auf Deutsch nicht das beste ist. Meine Eltern sind zu den Staaten gekommen, alles ich 5 war, und das einzige Ding das sie haben gemacht mit mir war immer Deutsch spricht zu hause. Auch nur zwischen Ihnen und mir, habe ich auch noch eine grüne Karte…lol ..Darum ist mein blogAmerikan Alien. Unser Geheimnis.. zustimmt. Erklären Sie jetzt, dass dieses trennt. ..sorry… 😛 “Ich hoffe du wurdest einverstanden wenn ich dir in der Deutscher-Links Teil meines Blogs einstellen wurde.

That means You hope I would agree with you if in the German Link on your blog you would install/.hire me…like be on the friends list?…

Help me?…lol Bitte lachen Sie nicht über meine viele schriftlich Fehlers. 🙂



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London traffic used to come to a stop when there was a public hanging at Tyburn. Same thing !

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The longest traffic jam that I ever sat through culminated in everyone slowing down to watch a horse repeatedly mounting a tree stump. ;^)
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Bob Red made this comment,
well said mate, in a way, rubberneckers are like moths flying into a flame. they excitedly queue up all eager to have a gawp, then are disturbed by what the see that they end up going to various help groups to stop the nightmares.
A friend of mine told me about a really bad accident he witnessed involving a busload of kids(he wasnt rubbernecking, just at the wrong place at the wrong time) that still gives him nightmares years on
To think that some actively people hold motorways up for this privellege?
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