OK you’ve all had enough time now that it’s fair to open it up to the field in general. Comments now enabled, go for your life.

1. Who are you to tell me it’ll always be this way/I close my eyes and I turn around and leave it all behind. The Martinis – Free (Empire Records Soundtrack/Made In The Shade)

2. A friend in need’s a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better, a friend with breasts and all the rest, a friend who’s dressed in leather. Placebo – Pure Morning (Without You I’m Nothing 1998)

3. Batten up the hatches, here comes the cold/I can feel it creeping, it’s making me old/You give me so much love that it blows my brains out/You need something better than the bacon and eggs/The creaking in the walls and the banging in the bed/You give me so much love that it blows my brains out Turin Brakes – Pain Killer (Ether Song 2003)

4. Long after that the floodgates opened up and I fell in love with everyone I saw,/Please take your time I’m not in any rush and it’s in everything I ever write. Snow Patrol – Spitting Games (Final Straw 2003)

5. Well I don’t know why I came here tonight/I got a feeling that something ain’t right/I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair/and I’m wondering how to get down the stairs Stealer’s Wheel – Stuck In The Middle (Stealer’s Wheel)

6. 9 to 5 living lies/ every day stealing time/ everyone’s taking every thing they can/ everything they can

7. How can it be I can taste your love, how can I see when you’re everything/all the world in one grain of sand and I’ve blown it/all my world in one grain of sand and you’ve blown it.

8. Arrive, /climb up 4 flights to the orange side/rearrange my mind/in turqouise

9. I found a picture of you/ that hijacked my world at night/to a place in the past we’ve been passed out of/now we’re back in the fight

10. It’s no secret that our conscience can sometimes be a pest/It’s no secret that ambition bites the nails of success/Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief/All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief. U2 – The Fly (Achtung Baby 1991)

11. Well, I wanna make love to you tonight/ I can’t wait ’til the morning has come/And I know that the time is just right/ and straight into my arms you will run

12. Guess who just got back today/them wild-eyed boys that had been away/haven’t changed had much to say/but man I still think them cats are great.Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back in Town (Jailbreak 1976), babe let’s get together/honey, honey me and you/and do the things, oh, do the things/that we like to do.

14. There are things that I regret/like being called a nervous wreck/and working up another sweat for you/there’s nothing that I can do/for counterparts and bleeding hearts/and all the things that fall apart for you

15. How does it feel to treat me like you do/when you lay your hands upon me and tell me who you are New Order – Blue Monday (1988)

16. Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking when I said/by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed/and now I know how Joan of Arc felt.The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again (The Queen is Dead 1986)

17. Lights go out and I can be saved/ tides that I tried to swim against/have brought me down upon my kness, oh I beg I beg and plead

18. The Devil take your stereo and your record collection/the way you look you’ll qualify for next year’s old age pension.Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver (Prince Charming 1981)

19. Moving on the floor now baby you’re a bird of paradise/cherry ice cream smile, I suppose it’s very nice,/with a step to your left and a flick to the right you catch the mirror way out West/you know you’re something special and you look like you’re the best. Duran Duran – Rio (Rio 1982)

20. Oh God I am the american dream, I do not think I’m too extreme/and I’m a handsome son of a bitch, I’m gonna get a good job and be real rich

21. Nobody ever loved me like she does, ooh she does, yeah she does/and if somebody ever loved me like she do me, oh she do me, yeah she does.The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down (Past Masters Vol 2 1969)

22. The Indians send signals from the rocks above the paths/the cowboys take position in the bushes and the grass/The squaw is with the Corporal/she is tied against the tree/she doesn’t mind the language/it’s the beating she don’t need 

23. Well your friends with their fancy persuasions don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme/but I can’t help but have my suspicions ‘cos I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem

24. Nobody knows me but I’m always there/a statistic a reminder of a world that doesn’t care.UB40 – One in Ten (Present Arms in Dub 1981)

25. In the morning you go gunning for the man who stole your water/then you fight till he is done in but they catch you at the border.

26. Hey girl I got something I think you oughta know/hey girl wanna tell you that I love you so/I wanna hold you in my arms yeah/I’m never gonna let you go ‘cos I like your chanrms.

27. Spacecraft spinning slowly out of sight/policeman keep on chasing you’re our guide (we’ll see eye to eye)

28. Fragile, seems I opened up to quick and all my dreams were woken up/I slowly lost my fight/with every single man a river cried/I had no sensation, completely numb I felt no satisfaction/I thought no one could ever get me high again/I swear I was not looking

29. 13 month old baby/ broken looking glass/7 years of bad luck/ good things in your past

30. Jesus wept, Jesus Christ I can’t see for the tear gas and the dollar signs in my eyes/well what’s a man got left to fight for when he’s bought his freedom/by the look of this human jungle it ain’t just the poor who’ll be bleeding.

31. It was way past midnight and she still couldn’t fall asleep/this night the dream was leaving, she’d tried so hard to keep/and with the new day’s dawning she felt it drifting away/not only for a cruise, not only for a day

32. Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear/but you can’t forget from sundown to sunset/it’s all in the air you hear it everywhere/no matter what you do it’s gonna grab a hold on you

33. I’m ready, ready for the laughing gas/I’m ready, I’m ready for what’s next/I’m ready to duck, ready to dive/ready to say I’m glad to be alive.

34. Says she needs a worshiper/ someone who’ll do anything at all for her/wishful thinker/he don’t need this schizo bull/ each one misses by so far they don’t see it come/but who ever does…/too long, too late this time/too far, too great in my mind Toad The Wet Sprocket – Jam (1990)

35. She’s playing her game and you can hear them say/she is looking good, for beauty we will pay/she’s posing for consumer products now and then/for every camera she gives the best she can

36. High above the rooftops/higher than the milky way/slipping through the hourglass/shooting up the desert plane

37. Summer, Buddy Holly, the working folly, good golly Miss Molly and boats/Hammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi Ballet, jump back in the alley and nanny goats.Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3 (Do It Yourself 1979)

38. In the morning, don’t say you love me, ‘cos I’ll only kick you out of the door/I know you’re name is Rita ‘cos your perfume’s smelling sweeter since when I saw you down on the floor. The Faces – Stay With Me (A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse 1971)

39. Love in, love out, find the feeling/Scream in, scream out time for healing/you feel the moment’s gone too soon/you’re watching clouds come over you. Feeder – Just The Way I’m Feeling (Comfort In Sound 2002)

40. Hey, What did you hear me say?/you know the difference it makes, what did you hear me say?/Yes, I said it’s fine before, but I don’t think so no more, I said it’s fine before.

41. You line ‘em up, look at your shoes, you hang names on your wall then you shoot them all/You fly around in planes that bring you down to meet me who loves you/ likely crashing to the ground.

42. On a morning from a Bogarte movie, in a country where they turned back time, you go strolling thru’ the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime.

43. People I know, places I go, make me feel tongue-tied/I can see how, people look down, they’re on the insideThe Sundays – Here’s Where The Story Ends (Reading, Writing & Arithmatic 1996)

44. Well you spent the whole day/with your axe to the wheel/read the late paper it was full of bad news/excuse me but I think what I’m saying is true/you’ve got to find some time and devote it to you INXS – Calling All Nations (Kick 1987)

45. Two foot tall and mad as hell/I make you a good one no?/pick up the knife and spoon/I have an amazing prowess in June/structured up and evil too/I got my evil eye on you/down at the harbour pool/they speak English too.

46. I’ve always thought of you as my brick wall/built like an angel, six feet tall/six feet tall/and when you go away, I start to weep/you’re too expensive girl to keep/isn’t it sweet?

47. When you are alone you are the cat, you are the phone/you are an animal/the words I’m singing now/mean nothing more than meow to an animal/wake up and smell the cat food in your bank account/but don’t try to stop the tail that wags the hound

48. So you been to school/for a year or two/and you know you’ve seen it all/in daddy’s car/thinkin’ you’ll go far/back east your type don’t crawl

49. You get a shiver in the dark/it’s been raining in the park but meantime/south of the river you stop and you hold everything/a band is blowing Dixie double four time/you feel all right when you hear that music ring.

Oh you’ve breezed through them all have you Spike, right well then, have to bring out the big guns!

50. ag uirchill a’ chreagain sea chodail mise ‘reir faoi bhron/is le heiri na maid’ne thainig ainnir fa mo dhein le poig/bhi griosghrua garth’ aici ‘gus loinhir ina ciabh mar or/’s ba e fochshlainte ‘n domhain a bheith ‘g amharc ar a’ rioghan oig Clannad – Uirchill á Chreagain (Anam 1990)

-Not so fecking chipper now eh?!

Anyone who can add details like the album and year will get much respect not to mention the Smart Arse award and the hatred of all your peers that’ll go with it! But mind, no sneaky Googlage to get the album, don’t forget “you’ll only be cheating yourself” (How To Be A Teacher Handbook -Chapter 4 ‘Useful Stock Phrases’)

Song Of The Day – Oh Yeah, as if I’d make it that easy for you!

Original Comments:

Diogenes made this comment,
Well, the last one’s in Gaelic, and the only band I can think of that sings Gaelic is U2…(Maybe the Pogues do – I don’t know).
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[Redbaron responds – Nice logic mate but not the answer, I know of very little if any U2 stuff in Gaelic, the Pogues a little more so but neither are correct in this instance.]

comment added :: 2nd March 2005, 01:22 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
number 2 is Placebo, Pure Morning.
number 5 is Bob Dylan, Stuck in the middle with you.
number 10 is U2, The Fly (i know that cause it’s on your sidebar!)
and that, my twin, is the limit of knowledge!

(i am SO tempted to cheat and look super smart, but the ‘you’ll only be cheating yourself’ phrase got me:)!!).

sarah []

[Redbaron responds – You have No 2 and 10, and I thought I would put that one in to see if anyone had been reading my sidebar! No. 5 isn’t Bob Dylan but the song is correct, bonus points for anyone who can give the original artist. I knew that Parent/Teacher cheat phrase would get you!]

comment added :: 2nd March 2005, 15:16 GMT+01
Spike made this comment,
50. Clannad ~ Uirchill An Chreagain
[Redbaron responds – Show off!]

comment added :: 3rd March 2005, 10:49 GMT+01
Spike made this comment,
1. The martinis – Free (fomr Empire Records soundtrack)
3. Turin Brakes – Panic Attack

4. Snow Patrol – Final Straw (although I think you find the lyrics are After that the flood gates are open rather than Long after…)

[Redbaron responds – OK Spike honey, 2 can play the pendant game, what about the title of the Snow Patrol song eh? And the Turin Brakes track is not Panic Attack so yah boo!!!]

comment added :: 3rd March 2005, 10:56 GMT+01
Katie made this comment,
38. Faces-Stay with me
39. Feeder- Come back around (from alblum Comfort in Sound)
43. Sundays- Here’s where the story ends (reading, writing and arithmatic)
Give me time and i’ll get some more, but for now I must leave you with those and run along to a seminar. x

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comment added :: 3rd March 2005, 14:29 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
12. Thin Lizzy – The Boys Are Back in Town (from “Jailbreak”, 1976)
16. The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again (from “The Queen is Dead”, 1986)
18. Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver (from “Prince Charming” ,1981
19. Duran Duran – Rio (from “Rio”, 1982)(ohhh the shame of knowing, I was brainwashed by mad Duranies at school!)
21. The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down (from “Past Masters, Vol 2”, 1969)
24. UB40 – One in Ten (from “Present Arms in Dub”,1981)
37. Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3 (from “Do It Yourself”, 1979)
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[Redbaron responds – Thank Christ someone has started to get some of the classics! I’m glad you got 37, I would have thought you might have got 22 as well. Brainwashed by the Duranies yeah honey whatever you say!]

comment added :: 3rd March 2005, 21:02 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
34 is by the jam, but i cant remember what its called, and i thik its on tape somewhere, but i cant find it. but im sure its the jam. i tried to comment on friday, but my computer fecked up and it didnt go through, i cant remember what i knew, you have sooo many!! 🙂
[Redbaron responds – Now that’s interesting, it isn’t by The Jam but the title of the song is ‘Jam’ so you may well have heard it. Now tell me the group. Ooh I’m harsh!]

comment added :: 6th March 2005, 18:14 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
Ok, so I missed that one 🙂 Cool for cats, album of the same name, Squeeze, 1979. Happy now? ;oP
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[Redbaron responds – Yeah well, I would have been very disappointed if you hadn’t got it, honour is satisfied!]

comment added :: 7th March 2005, 20:35 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
Thank the gods ;o)
BTW that was a nicely pointed comment you left me earlier! :oD
And I *was* got-at by the duranies… I really was… t’was hard being the only Marillion-obsessed weirdo in a class full of casuals. I used to tell ’em, “forget them pretty boys, it’s face paint, flak rags & lyrical content yer want” but they never believed me somehow. I can’t imagine why.
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comment added :: 11th March 2005, 18:08 GMT+01
Rachel made this comment,
Okay, I know I’m a little late (okay, really late) with this, but here’s a few more:
#15–Blue Monday–New Order (or for the young’uns, Orgy)

#34–Jam–Toad the Wet Sprocket

#44–Calling All Nations–INXS

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[Redbaron responds – No worries, thanks for the guesses which are good ones, I was going for Blue Monday on no. 15, I have no idea what Orgy is, I guess I’m not down wid da kidz anymore!]

comment added :: 29th March 2005, 05:38 GMT+01

Greg made this comment,
50) This is one of my favorite songs from Anam, by Clannad. I’ve always wanted a translation of it, but don’t know anyone who speaks Gaelic. Does anyone here? I would really love to see a translation…
comment added :: 19th January 2007, 23:49 GMT+01

Bryan made this comment,
Number six is Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
comment added :: 7th February 2007, 08:19 GMT+01

Red Baron made this comment,
Bloody hell Bryan, that was somewhat from left field, 2 years ago and that, but I take my hat off you are correct indeed. If you leave a link I can name and fame you on the track iself.
comment added :: 7th February 2007, 09:44 GMT+01 ::