Just as an explanation, I came home at the beginning of the month to find that my flatmate had moved out and taken most of the front room with him which included the ADSL router, and furthermore as he cancelled the phone contract I am sans internet access at home now. Not to mention sans fridge, washing machine, kettle, sofas, TV etc. etc. etc.! So I get the odd chance when I am at work but other than that it won’t be I suspect until april that I will be back up and running after I have moved. In the meantime you can apply yourselves to the music quiz below which remains woefully short of answers!

Song Of The Day – The Paddingtons – 21

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Why did your roommate move out without telling you? Sounds to me like a dick move. Protagonist

comment added :: 11th March 2005, 20:55 GMT+01
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He stole your stuff?

comment added :: 12th March 2005, 17:42 GMT+01