OK, I realised that in my attempt to be brief I had perhaps given a false impression of the events. I shall attempt to clear this up with a slightly fuller explanation.

When I moved into the house a year ago my flatmate had been living there for a year or so prior to that and so had furniture etc. etc. already in situ. Whilst it was financially prudent not to have to buy shit loads of things (I had previously lived in a bedsit before that with no fridge and no heating for 18 months so anything was preferable!) it did lead to the semblence of me being the new lodger as my stuff would be confined largely to my room. He had told me that the attic was bigger than the one I had had previously and was all boarded over for storage, it turned out to be a great deal smaller and not boarded at all. He also told me that the bills would be less than I was currently paying which were quite small considering I spent little time in the bedsit anyway. After 2 months he told me I owed him £225 for bills and that he needed £75 a month after that for all the bills, this was quite a bit more than I was paying before and he knew that I was skint so we had a fair few tussles over this.

In I think it was late Jan I had pretty much decided that I had no option but to move, personally it was the best thing to do financially it was becoming essential and, however it would turn out, that was what I would do. I informed my flatmate that when the lease came up at the end of March I would not be looking to renew it. He informed me that he was already planning to move out late March/early April anyway, I thought, ah well, so much for telling me, but never mind it all seems to work out. So near the end of Feb, we haven’t seen or spoken much to one another and then he says to me everything going to be ok for March 31st to which I replied that yeah that was the plan I didn’t have anywhere to go yet but was in the process of sorting it out and so as not to double up on rent payments would be looking to move around Easter. In response to this he told me he would be coming to get ‘some of his heavier stuff’ the next week which was the beginning of March. Herein lies the misunderstanding. All of the stuff he has taken is his (except my frying pan, he’s left me his shitty wok!) I have no argument with that but he did not inform me at all that when I returned on the Tuesday (1st March) I would find there was nothing in the living room and precious little in the kitchen. To be without the microwave wasn’t an issue because I had one stored in the attic but I did not have a spare kettle because I had given mine to my ex when hers broke. I do not have a spare fridge and it would have been nice to have had some warning about that rather than returning home to find things taken out of the freezer and dumped on the worktop defrosting all over the place. The TV was a bit of an arse but I have a computer to do that if I need to, ok no BBC4 and I’ll grant you that’s a bit of a bollocks but fair enough, but no internet and no warning about that, that really fucked me off it did and especially when he had the phone cut off as well, now I know that normally when you are having your phone cut off they need notice to have it done on a particular day so he has to have had this all planned in advance. Had I known this I could have attempted to move out sooner.

So I hope that clears up the fact that my now ex-flatmate is not a thief at all he is just a bit of a selfish twat. Still, he who laughs last… and all that, the security deposit is all his so bearing in mind we are £150 in arrears (the landlords want £100 for the mowing of the lawn in 2004-5 which has been done three times in that time and not since October – I mean you know I’m all for paying employees a good wage and that but I’ll bet not more than a tenner makes its way to the guy who did it. Oh and £50 for the gas inspection, the one the landlords are legally obliged to provide!) I wonder where the letting agents will find that from eh?! And if I can’t get everything cleared up by the time I move then guess who’s going to have to do it?! Don’t fuck with the Baron when it comes to moving, I mean it, I am a complete shit when I’m moving I hate it with a passion which is perhaps because I have had to do it 26 times in 33 years and I hated it from the very start! ::Happy place, happy place:: Breathe in, and out again.

The place I am hoping to move to now if I can afford to will be somewhere I intend to live for some time ::crosses multiple body parts::

So there you are, you don’t get many rants about the personal life on here any more, I hope that satisfies your appetite for a while. Right time to split I have to be up at 6am having not had a decent nights sleep in weeks. Night all.

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Original Comments:

protagonist made this comment,
Well, still – a sucky story. I was once in a similar boat. This is why I no longer live with flatmates, even though I don’t really have the money to afford a place of my own (well, i do, but it means i’m not saving much). hope the future is better and that your new place is nicer – and as a brit, i imagine not having a kettle is a hell of a blow – like me without my coffee machine – i would become a monster! protag.
[Redbaron responds – Indeed this is precisely why I will no longer live with anyone else. Being Irish, I shall take the Brit comment in the good humour in which I’m sure it was meant! The conclusion is true the kettle was the thing that had most immediate impact, one cup of tea made in the microwave was enough to graphically illustrate that this situation could not continue!]

comment added :: 13th March 2005, 18:54 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
What a dick. I’ll keep a good thought for your move. I know you loathe it so.

[Redbaron responds – Thank you, all good thoughts gratefully received.]

comment added :: 14th March 2005, 00:49 GMT+01
Mark Ellott made this comment,
Moving gets me in the same way. My normally calm exterior is replaced by a swearing foul-mouthed angry fiend. I’d never share or rent for all the reasons you’ve given. My sister bought a flat once and that was nothing but grief and she owned the property…
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comment added :: 14th March 2005, 13:17 GMT+01
A visitor made this comment,
your flatmate is such an ass. when i come to visit you, point him out and i’ll go beat him up (at my height and weight, i wont do much damage, but it’s the thought that counts, i guess).
also, i can’t imagine just HOW mad you must’ve been about the kettle, given your passion for tea!!!

sarah [sarah.a@gmail.com]

[Redbaron responds – Aww I’m so glad I have you as the hard Twin to take care of me! I was positively apoplectic when I found the lack of kettle, this was remedied quickly but not quickly enough, the memory of that microwaved tea will be a difficult one to shift!]

comment added :: 15th March 2005, 15:00 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
((squidge)) Bah humbug to twatty flatmates!
Is now a good time to tell you I’m *excellent* at moving?! Being married to His-Arseness had to have _some_ benefits (besides the offspring, of course!) I can pack up and shift the contents of a 4 b’room house in under a week.



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[Redbaron responds – I see, any chance of you coming to visit for a week around the 23rd?! Btw wtf does that accronym mean?!]

comment added :: 15th March 2005, 23:52 GMT+01
moog made this comment,
oh baron, im sorry that you have had a shitty time of it lately…would you like a nice bowl of custard and a hug?
just remember that U2 isnt far away!! 🙂
comment added :: 16th March 2005, 21:15 GMT+01