Since there is no other way to look at it I am properly single again, not so much young free and single as older, tied and single. None the less this means I am out there thus I thought it might be wise:

I like my Beer Irish
I like my Breakfast English
I like my Chocolate Swiss
I like my Cheese Dutch
I like my Football Gaelic
I like my WIne Australian
I like my Pasties Cornish

I like my Eyes Blue
I like my Politics Red
I like my Rugby Shirts Green
I like my Jeans Black
I like my Skies Azure
I like my Beaches Golden
I like my Jewelery Silver

I like my Hair Long
I like my Workday Short
I like my Conscience Clean
I like my Sex Dirty
I like my Room Messy
I like my Records Tidy
And I’d like to find someone that feels the same!

So where the fuck are you eh? Bloody married, I bet, typical.

Seriously though, apparently 30 something fathers with long hair and sarcastic tendencies are about the least sought after people of all.


Song Of The Day – Kevin Ayers ~ Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes

Original Comments:

A visitor made this comment,
An excellent, and gutsy list. I married a man with sarcastic tendencies. Have ’em myself. There are fans of exactly the package you have, my friend. I’ll do everything in my cosmic power (such as it is) to send them your way.

[Redbaron responds – Oh yeah, bring ’em here I’m ready, there’s enough Baron to go round let me tell you!]

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Rina made this comment,
It’s almost shocking how much of that list fits me like a glove. Of the 20, I could say at least 15 are me. And I’m not married!
Be well.

Visit me @

[Redbaron responds – Not Married – sure? Not even practically?!]

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Katie made this comment,
Even if Rina wasn’t practically married, isn’t she about 15 and therefore doesn’t that make you slightly paedophilic suggesting compatibility? Just a thought. Hmm 12/20, probably not the best match (but percentages have shown that in the past haven’t they) but hey out of everyone reading this I’m the one most likely to fuck you.
Visit me @

[Redbaron responds – Ooh you can be an acerbic trout when the mood hits you. However 3 points of order: Point 1 -Rina is not 15 (nor 16 if you just think I’m being pedantic.) Point 2 -I was not actually suggesting compatibility, I was actually casting aspertions as to Rina’s single status. Point 3 -Geographical proximity does not necessarily guarantee you a shag, call me an old fashioned geezer but I like a bit of seduction or failing that some serious alcohol first!]

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Katie made this comment,
[Redbaron responds – That is totally uncalled for, I’m leaving this comment up because I feel it would be hypocritical of me to just remove things that I feel are a little unpalatable. The amount of times recently you have made barbed comments and then resented being picked up on for factual inaccuracies is becoming very trying. However to deliberately parade personal information in an attempt to salvage a failing argument is unacceptable and I’ve had enough of playing games. I may not feel my recent sexual success is anything to write home about but I am not ashamed of the way I live my life, I simply choose not to fall into bed with anyone to break a duck.
In future if you have comments to make, fine, by all means do so, but keep them accurate and remember girlie I bite too!]

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Rina made this comment,
Well, things are getting a little sharp around here. I’m sorry for getting involved. P. S. I’ll be 18 in less than 6 months and if I was in England I’d be perfectly legal right now. Besides, if you knew me you’d want me too, however paedophiliac it might seem.
Maybe practically married, sorta kinda maybe. But I still adore my Baron and stand by my statement that I fit this nicely.

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Katie made this comment,
I’m a fuckwit. I was being a particularly obnoxious one today. I’ve deleted the comment myself but obviously left your responce as I have no right to edit that.
Rina, I apologise if any offence was caused, the intention was not to cause you any. He’s right (as usual) my facts were inaccurate and I’m sure I would want you, if Dom thinks you’re great then I’m sure you must be (I know that sounds like sarcasm but it isn’t). So to you I really am sorry.
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Rina made this comment,
I really don’t care, I was just shocked at what I was reading and my Baron deserves pretty treatment. Anyway, EVERYone be well!
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Lynne made this comment,
C’m’ere you Baron.
(((((squdge))))) ((((smooch))))) and furthermore…


You’re feckin’ perfect.


Redbaron responds – Ooh a grope, I say, haven’t had one of them in a while, and the squdge sounds equally appealing 😉

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