LDAP System Administration

Gerald Carter

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Oh Christ perhaps this job wasn’t such a good idea!

The otter on the front is about the most reassuring thing you’re going to get out of this! It’s a trap, it’s like a ‘Don’t Panic’ thing, “look fluffy cute animals it can’t be so bad.”

I tried ok, I really did but the first few pages scared me and I thought, do I really want to be the person I would turn into if I were to read this book?

Silly question!

Furthermore I’m supposed to read the one on Microsoft Active Directory and that’s got a cat and her kitten on the front……

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MrDan made this comment,
Nobody can be expected to read a book like that. Use it for reference perhaps, but read the whole thing? Crazy idea!

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Brett made this comment,
Well, hmmmm, it could be worse, it could be the thesus from Steve Jobs proclaiming the move from IBM to Intel processors.
Hmmmm, Mac on a PC platform!!!!!

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