On the Blog City upgrade note I have one of two observations: The most irritating thing thus far is that I don’t know how to get uploaded pic URL anymore, s’alright for you PC people and your advanced editor but us non Internet Exploder proper computer users were accustomed to taking the URL from the control panel listing and addng some html round it now you don’t see the actual URL of the pic. If anybody knows how to get around this I’d be grateful. Secondly trackback spam is back in earnest but of course now it has to be approved it is rendered somewhat obsolete as far as the actual blog is concerned. It’s a pain in the arse tho’ having to wade through & delete 15-20 emails a day which either means I am a great deal more popular with the spammers these days or that previously Mayoress was single-handedly fending off all the spam before I knew about it, in which case whilst I would not wish to deprive Mayoress of her newly found evening time can we have a Mayoress robot to do the fending too, in the first 7 days after the upgrade I have had to trash 91 spam trackback mails. I am now up to 116 so I’m averaging 16 junk mails a day which is really starting to piss both me and my junk filter off.

I like some of the other features such as the new Look N Feel, thank Christ that bloody Java’s gone that used to be something of a pain. The new bits about how many reads your blog has had were of course somewhat biased in favour of those who do not publish their whole entries on their front page. Hence it would only show reads for me if someone left a comment. I decided to experiment with the short summaries just to amuse me for a while and see what difference it made, I suspect I shan’t like it and we will revert again. Another problem is the whole symmetry of the blog shifted again, tho’ thankfully this has been sorted out. My blog board is still well up the khyber, I don’t know if it displays dodgy to anyone else!

And Wiki, what the fuck is that? It used to be the way a German would refer to a girl called Victoria. I’ve only just got the bloody hang of html and they change the goalposts, how do you make a line thru’ in wiki eh? And why can’t you put it in the title anymore? Suffice to say the Jack in the title of this blog is supposed to have a strike thru’ it. And why have they stuffed around with my square brackets that I used to use for my repost to comments. I didn’t realise that since the upgrade any of the responses I’ve put on there haven’t actually been displaying because for some unknown reason square brackets now seem to make shit invisible.

Anyway fuck it all, I’ve booked my flight to Edinburgh for the Make Poverty History week and even found accommodation for the week. And tomorrow I’ve off to see U2 which is going to be magic. It’s been about 10 years since I last saw them and I can’t wait. We’re going to try to get into the pit near the front so it’s up at stupid o’clock for me.

Song Of The Day ~ U2 – Beautiful Day

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MrDan made this comment,
Apparently the html in comments was too much of a security hole. The square brackets are used for hyperlinks in wiki, so that’s your problem. Having a free blog I don’t know about your image problem but I guess you could host them somewhere else (I use imageshack). I know you’re paying for filespace so that’s a bit crap, but it would work.

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Mark Ellott made this comment,
You should be able to see the URL for the uploaded images in the file manager. The files are listed with user friendly URLs. I don’t like WIKI – much preferring the HTML and its flexibility. Like you, I’ve been forced to drop the square brackets.
I suspect you will get a bit tired of the short summary layout – as a reader, I find it irritating as I prefer to see the whole entry and just scroll down

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MrDan made this comment,
I don’t personally like the summary layout either, though I normally open up blogs at the permalink page from my RSS reader anyway so I don’t see the front page. I’ve taken to writing the summary with my mailing list subscribers in mind as it appears on the email.

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