So having written a review of the actual gig with very little of the accompanying stuff I thought I wrote write a more straight diary type entry for the rest of the day.

I will come clean about what happened in the earlier part of the day otherwise A certain person may choose to jog my memory for me! Having set off quite early I made excellent time down to meet the others and was all nice and relaxed and drinking tea getting ready to go, right up until the point when I realised that I had left my ticket at home! This meant a rather hasty 250 round trip to home and back again, the outbound journey of which was typified by me calling myself every insult under the sun and even ringing someone else up to take over! Credit where it’s due tho’ there and back in 3 hours was not bad, it’s amazing what you can do when you really want it badly enough!

Having rectified the idiocy section of the day after then missing my stop once on the train across to Twickenham I actually managed to get there with time to spare. On this occasion they were not allowing those with seated tickets to go into the standing area which turned out to be a bloody shame because from what I’ve heard the stewards at the gates were selling the armbands to get into the inner circle for a fiver a time. In would have been quite a buzz to be in there but after the fiasco of the morning I was happy to be there at all! So we sat in the pub which was very convivial and quite fecking warm.

I was especially lucky that in the time I was waiting in the queue for merchandise I was next to a vast dutchman, we exchanged sizes of the t-shirts in which we were currently clad (Mine 4XL his 6XL if you’re interested, and he filled his more than I did mine!) so when he came to look at the XXL t-shirts he wanted to buy he was shown the white one by mistake, it looked quite big and we both thought there was a fair chance of it fitting, but he wanted one of the black ones, they showed him that and it was smaller, he took it on the proviso that he could always bring it back if it didn’t fit. I didn’t take the chance and altho’ I had wanted one of the khaki ones I went for the white one. Correct decision it fits me quite well, the dutchman will have had geen Chance

Obviously I have described the actual gig itself in my review entry so I shall not double up the details but I am still very surprised at the organisation of the concert and those people with tickets who were either unable or unwilling to come in and watch the support acts. it is poetic justice that they missed out on what was a perfect example of why you should have support bands of calibre. Twickenham doesn’t have the layout for a cohesive gig because of the tiered structure of the seating so roll on Wembly being ready. I don’t know what it was like at Cardiff or others, maybe the layout was better suited.

In the breaks between bands I got talking to the Irish girl next to me and the Scottish geezer who turned up late. We discussed politics and economics and all the sorts of things that you should discuss in this sort of political climate. I always enjoy such discussions anyway and I had forgotten just how much I like meeting people in a safe environment where you all automatically have something in common. After the gig email addresses were exchanged perhaps never to be used in much the same way that we used to exchange addresses when I was interrailing round Europe in the late 80s with a “come and stay if ever you’re over” No-one ever did, I don’t suppose I ever expected them to, and what my Mother would have made of it if they had heaven alone knows!

The drive home was taken up by a certain person’s anecdotal prowess regaling us at the expense of Michael and Sheila, serial campers from London but with Bradford accents for artistic license, was another one of those things that only those present will ever be able to understand, it would lose everything in the telling so I’m not going to try.

I got home at 2 and was a bit knackered. Would I have got up at 6am to see them again the next day if someone had offered me a ticket, you bet your arse I would!

Song Of The Day ~ U2 – City Of Blinding Lights

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sarah the twin made this comment,
hahahahaha – i can’t believe you left your ticket at home!!!!!!
-Redbaron responds – Yeah cheers for that piece of schadenfreude honey!! I can always rely on your understanding!

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moog made this comment,
neither can i!! but i have learnt from your misfortune, and now before leavig the house for live 8 yesterday, we paused as i checked my bag for our tickets…they were there, but they might not have been, so thank you for reminding us to do that! 🙂
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