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It was hardly a surprise, even before the London bombings and before the protests our expectations were low as to the tangible conclusions of the G8 summit at Gleneagles. It seemed likely that due to the pressure of the protesters and the many celebrities that jumped on the bandwagon of the campaign the G8 leaders would at least have their pledge books out. That is of course not to say they are going to do anything but they will make it look as if they had intention to. The same tactic was applied for the aid supposed to be on its way for the victims of the asian tsunami. Billlions were pledged but less than 20% actually materialised, however it looked good for the cameras to be so generous even if there were no intention of delivering the promises.

The greatest problem with the bombings, leaving aside the obvious one in the loss of innocent lives, was that it allowed the G8 leaders to unite behind a common cause, a common foe – terrorism…again. Now the trouble with terrorism as an enemy is as Chomsky put it that it isn’t tangible, it isn’t as if you are going to have eradicated it if you do certain things. It’s a war that has no end, it can be used time and time again to suit various political purposes at will.

If we look at the legislation now being proposed even with Parliament currently in recess it is clear that the government are planning to use the London bombings as a smokescreen for all the stuff that they would previously have found impossible. There is going to be a big push for ID cards and the like, we are about to see deportations for religious (=islamic) extremism. So far I have not heard one critique of the hard-line orthodox Jewish extremists nor the very reactionary Catholics and I’m sure in every single denomination and faith there are some who would come under the extremist category. But that is not who they are looking for make no mistake this is purely a rod to beat muslims back… at the moment remember Pastor Niemueller?

And what of the world’s poor, as if by magic another famine appears and yet my hopes for the people of Niger are not appreciably higher than they would have been before the Make Poverty History campaign now. I’m sure some “friendly” countries may receive some assistance but you can bet that those deemed extremist will not. Men like Robert Mugabe supported initially by the West will be cited as the reason why Zimbabwe is not getting any aid, this after mass criticism that he is starving his people, and yet now we are helping him to do so.

I’m afraid I disagree with Bono that this is the beginning of the end of poverty. This is simply the beginning of what may well be a long struggle to end poverty. We have taken the first step to show the world that enough is enough, the powers that be will attempt many things to put us off track including making it look as if they are our staunchest supporters it is a hoodwink tactic and must be seen as such. If they wanted to end world poverty they could do so almost overnight. The status quo, the TNCs the MNCs the NSA, the CIA, the G8 leaders will not give up the world without a fight, they are making far too much money for that. But remember “Who’s world?”


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rocky made this comment,
once again, or rather, as always, brilliant post, baron.
i agree with absolutely everything, re: G8 prioritising terrorism, etc and ignoring the pressing famine concerns.

the world is becoming an entirely too depressing place to live in…

oh and ‘trained chimp’ is perfect and tops my nickname for him (monkeyface) – but then you were always better with words!

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The Mad Doctor made this comment,
Here in Amerika the 9-11 gave the current junta the perfect opportunity to pull out a piece of police state legislation. They cleverly named it The Patriot Act (Newspeak?). It flew through a Congress in shock. And to think we fought for independence from a King thousands of miles away taxing us at single-digit rates. Land of the Free my ass.
-Redbaron responds – Not just in America mate, the British and many other governments have taken all those repressive laws right off the back burner and rushed them through as “emergency counter terrorism measures” But you do have my sympathies because at least this country tho’ shit isn’t quite so up it’s own arse!-

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