“You are prepared to evict people from their homes and you aren’t prepared to even talk with them?” Israeli settler in the Gaza strip in response to the first days of expulsions from the Gaza area as part of the withdrawal plan.

I am somewhat struck by his failure to understand the ironny of such a statement, is he simply blinkered as to history or is it a result of years of Israeli propaganda that has sought to give the impression that Israel has always existed here and thus should continue to do so? Leaving aside the actual legitimacy of Israel’s position in the Middle East which is highly questionable, it is astonishing to think that in a matter of little more than a generation the Israelis have already entrenched themselves

It is not the only current situation of contradiction, another in similar circumstances is in Ireland again where a feud between loyalist paramilitary organisations the Loyalist Volunteer Force and the Ulster Volunteer Force resulting of the killing of one man. It is interesting that this does not seem to carry the same weight of news as any actions by Republicans. Ian Paisley is not trotted out onto the interview platforms and asked when the loyalist paramilitaries are going to decommission, there is not wholescale condemnation of the loyalist paramilitaries or the seeking to link current loyalist politicians with a paramilitary past as there is on the other side. If you look on the BBC for news from Ulster you will find more prominence is given to the fact that a stretch of train line in Armagh between Lurgan and Portadown was recently closed due to the discovery of a “malicious object” than the news of the killing of Michael Green or the attacks on a Catholic school and church in Ahoghill Co. Antrim which have been described by some as a concerted effort to purge Catholics from the area. Police have had to hand out fire blankets and smoke alarms to Catholic homes in the area because of a strong threat of further sectarian attacks.

Just as Israelis are not questioned forcefully about their side in the attrocities the same is true of the hardline loyalist politicians who are not questioned as to why the UVF/UFF/LVF are still in existence at all or why the loyalists are the ones permitted to derail the future of devolved government when it is precisely they that have the most vested interest in that government never coming into existence at all.

It has long been the case that the news is reported in a very subjective fashion, we should not be surprised about it but we should be aware that it is happening as part of a concerted and sustained policy and that to be able to pick what are seemingly mundane daily occurrances is not the exception but the rule.

Remember they who control the past control the future. Orwell knew it.

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jamal made this comment,
Correct, it is very ironic the way Israelis complained about having to move, when they have themselves neen moving of palistiniens for many years. Also Arial Sharon trying to come accross as peaceful for “giving” back the land is ironic, as can you give back what is not yours?
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