I recently reset my referrer log, mainly because nothing was changing on it and I quite fancied seeing how people might be getting here these days. One of the first was by virtue of a Google search for our old friend Butch Yelton, he of Gospel Axe fame that we encountered on my first set of Redbaron’s Choice Of Dodgy LPs

I got to wondering whether there was anymore of the frightening stuff out there that we’d all had nightmares about before. And lo and behold there is!

Lords of Acid – Pussy
Man, that’s some trip the Lords are on.

Ministers Quartet – Let Me Touch Him
Hmmm yes the Sinisters Quartet here show just what you can learn at church, it suggests that Michael Jackson was paying attention.

Moscow Nights – Popular Russian Hits
Ah yes back in the good old days of the Cold War you could boogie the night away, in a Moskva stylee, with Comrade Lyle Lovett & his dancing syrup whilst being closely observed by a KGB guy in the uniform who’s clearly dancing with a fella. Happy days tavarich, happy days.

Alix Dobkin – Living With Lesbians
Now whilst I can empathise with Alix’s wish for the population of his area and the Lesbian Power Authority sound rather intriguing not to mention somewhat kinky I can’t help but notice that not only are there no women here but Alix and his “friends” appear all to be wielding digging implements.

Lesbian Concentrate
Oh yeah get me a can of that, I’ll gladly concentrate on it.

Richard & Willie – Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger
Now that’s a serious bit of ventriloquism that is, I mean I’ve seen people do it whilst drinking water and that but whilst the recipient of fellatio… Question is, looking at the faces of the 3 gentlemen one wonders if the lady has selected the right equipment.

Gertrude Behanna – God Isn’t Dead
In the world of evangelists Gertrude’s prediliction for the finer things in life meant she didn’t quite have the impact she may have hoped. After all she may not think God is dead but then she’s currently high as a kite on smack and pissed as a fart which may render the validity of her opinion less prescient. She was perhaps ahead of her time as her brand of religious excess would now seem less out of place. God for the Kate Moss generation if you like. Dig that hypodermic on the front cover!

Immortals – Battles In The North
Have you ever been to Newcastle…?

Swamp Dogg – Rat On
Snoop’s Dad here who, as you can see, was something of a pioneer in the field of Generic Engineering.

Camp Records presents – The Queen Is In The Closet
And there was us always thinking it was Prince Edward. Then again if you were married to that twat Prince Philip you’d probably go off the entire gender.

Ken – By Request Only
The request in question being the one that Ken will send you from the penitentiary where he is serving out his days.

The Many Facets of Roger
Roger was a smart one, long before the era of camera trickery Roger realised that you could photograph yourself from different angles, ah he was a multi-dimensional one as you can plainly see.

At Play With The Playmates
They were a riot the Playmates, they went on to see how many people you could get in a Mini and died in a tragic accident whilst re-enacting the Black Hole of Calcutta.

John Bult – Julie’s 16th Birthday
That’s a birthday Julie won’t forget. You can tell John has just told her what her present is…

Mmmm, feel the ph34r!

Song Of The Day ~ T-Rex – Hot Love

Third Dodgy LPs

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sarah made this comment,
amazing finds, my darling twin!
and your comments are classic – actually got me giggling.

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Rina made this comment,
That’s terribly fun! Good job. How’d you find all of these?! Also, I miss you. A lot.
Redbaron responds – I find them in strange places in which I delve when I’m especially bored! And I haven’t gone anywhere hon, still about, still the same.-

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Cancergiggles made this comment,
Where the hell did you get that lot Dom? Please tell me that none of them are actually owned by you.
Best Cass

Redbaron responds – Er, I have some dodgy shite in my vinyl collection but nothing even remotely as bad as this lot rest assured!-

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