Since it’s Hallowe’en and the custom is to scare people I thought this appropriate! Hence my first iPodcast, done using nothing more than an Apple iPod and the Griffin iTalk adpator mic. The quality ain’t great but a 7 and a half minute monologue only takes up 1.3 MB as an mp3 so that’s not too bad and shouldn’t kill the bandwidth. If you’re expecting scintillating conversation and repartie then you’ve come to the wrong place. Think of it more as the ramblings of someone in their sitting room when there’s currently nothing on telly!

As for the picture I just like the idea of someone listening to my nonsense on a good old fashioned art deco bakelite radio. “This is London calling…”

Song Of The Day ~ Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Accidents Will Happen

Original Comments:

Kristie made this comment,
Oh my…Radio Baron! Fecking brilliant, and very cool to hear your words in your own voice. What a treat. Thanks for sharing. What languages do you speak? German, of course. English, natch. What else?
-Redbaron responds- Je parle un peu Francais, poco piu Italiano and een beetje Nederlands. I was learning Swedish once but appendicitus put paid to that. I’d like to get all my languages up to scratch and learn Russian as well because it’s a stunning language.-

comment added :: 1st November 2005, 07:33 GMT+01

Kristie made this comment,
I took a year and a half of Russian. I wish I’d stuck with it. I took a year of Latin, but I’d really like to do Italian. Portuguese would be cool, as well.
comment added :: 1st November 2005, 15:32 GMT+01

Karen Shelton made this comment,
Love the idea of the art deco bakelite radio. You cant beat old fashioned bakelite.
comment added :: 9th November 2006, 23:50 GMT+01 ::