It seems memes are back in again with a vengence and it’s been a long while since I did one on this blog, so here you go like it or not. Oh and I nicked it from My Boyfriend is a Twat! Normal political service will be resumed shortly!

Four jobs you have had:

Fork Lift Truck Driver, BMW Munich, Germany
Office Maintenance Technician (ok, well Cleaner!) Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Conference Interpreter & Translator, Rostock, Germany
Tree Feller, East Sussex, England

Four movies you could watch over and over:

The Ipcress File
Les Ripoux
Goodbye Lenin

Four places you’ve lived:

13 different places in London
2 different places in Germany
Cleveland, OH

Four television shows you love to watch:

Mark Thomas Comedy Product
(Still the finest politically-charged stand-up comedian)
Cutting It
(Mmmm Ruby, she’s looovely!)
Life On Mars
(Amiable inane drama about 1973-4, ah the clothes, the music, it’s like a trip down memory lane)
University Challenge
(Bloody brainbox students, I can beat them, I could have been a contender me, no I could really, come back here…)

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

Atlanta, Georgia

Four of your favourite foods:

Thai Green Curry
Full Breakfast as cooked by me or my Mother
Chicken Ra Piaj (Nepalese curry, similar to a hot dopiaza)

Four places you’d rather be right now:

Isles Of Scilly
Interrailing somewhere in Europe

Four sites I visit daily:

Devient Art
Lenin’s Tomb
Guardian Fantasy Football
My Blog Admin Page

Four bloggers you are tagging:

Sarah, my Twin
Lynne, which rhymes with twin
Moog who’s blog is Jealous Twin
The Very Idea, who comes from the state of the Twin Cities.
-Phew I didn’t think I’d manage to keep that one going!-

Oh and Fulham beat the Filth 1-0 last night so bragging rights to the Baron for now, huzzah!

Song Of The Day ~ Thompson Twins – Doctor, Doctor Ooh, see I’m on a roll now!

Original Comments:

Sister Spikey Mace made this comment,
I retrieve your gauntlet, sir. Look for my completion of said meme on Thursday.
comment added :: 1st February 2006, 03:37 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
Oh alright then, but I know this is a fiendish plot to get me blogging more 😉
comment added :: 1st February 2006, 09:46 GMT+01
john made this comment,
University Challenge. Me and the missus beat those eight cocky little buggers nearly every week. 😉
comment added :: 2nd February 2006, 16:46 GMT+01 ::
Bob Red made this comment,
I had no idea you were so well travelled in the US Mr B! Life on mars is pure class, really enjoying it ATM even though i usually despise everything filmed using 70s fashions. Saw some of mark thomases earlier stuff on C4 like when he takes a heard of cows into macdonalds because they want a happy meal… utter genius!
comment added :: 19th February 2006, 09:38 GMT+01 ::