I may be a sporadic visitor and participant over the coming weeks. Times is tough as they say and circumstances require a little more than the very sketchy attention that I customarily pay to these sort of things. Hence evenings now are often a juggling act between spending time with g/f (been over 6 months now!) and cracking the whip to get her to work on her thesis (and that’s not a euphemism, I hasten to add) and trying to extrapolate myself from decades of financial buccaneering.

Besides which it has often been difficult to find proper inspiration, I don’t think I’ve been writing at the top of my game for a little while now it’s been a case of good paragraphs here and there strung together with mediocre bits. Last time I took stock if I recall correctly I returned with a little more vigour and energy.

I am still writing, often tidying up the large library of unpublished entries which will gradually see the light of day in their own time. I also have Thinker For Hire which is a place that I put up some of the old naive stuff I wrote nearly 10 years ago. One day I’ll corrolate it all and sub-edit it but for now it’s up there raw and naked. In addition I’m posting to that blog the parts of a manifesto series that I decided to do, it seemed appropriate for it to be there since it ties in with a re-visiting the sort of material I wrote in the 1990s. It’s an occasional series (as we speak only the first part has been written) and in no way replaces this blog which will come back to its former glory hopefully shortly.

I do have a load of reviews from all the gigs I went to over the preceeding 6 months and I will post them to here and Red Baron Reviews in due course. – [Update – this site is now defunct]

So don’t go anywhere, think of it as a chance to briefly get on with some of those things you need to get on with whilst I do the same. That does not exonerate you from writing comments and shit and if you happen to be the 200,000th visitor who is due in mid-late March then make yourself know to be feted with pretty lights and virtual confetti.

Song Of The Day ~ Captain – This Heart Beats For Me

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Kristie made this comment,
Dogspeed, my liege.
comment added :: 3rd March 2006, 04:33 GMT+01
Lynne made this comment,
😦 Hope things sort easily and you’re back soon.#(hugs)
comment added :: 3rd March 2006, 22:41 GMT+01
Haddock made this comment,
Will you be selling lollies and popcorn in the intermission? 🙂
-Redbaron responds – King Cones, Wrestlers hot dogs and wheelie bin sized containers of popcorn are available in the foyer!-

comment added :: 4th March 2006, 01:37 GMT+01 :: http://greenhaddock2.blogspot.com/
leah made this comment,
this is jimmy sunshine commenting on leah’s log-in while she is having a poo or something (don’t tell her i said that, she thinks i don’t know she has bodily functions).
keep blogging fella, i don’t comment much i know but i keep reading. and i hope you keep adding vital, poignant and well, slightly smug comments on my blog.


-Redbaron responds – It’s always nice to see you fella and I do enjoy leaving smug comments on your blog. Fear not tho’ I am not gone just busy and very very skint and this is affecting my ability to sit down and write very much with any fluidity. All things must pass tho’-

comment added :: 10th March 2006, 22:39 GMT+01
leah made this comment,
ooh i’m so mad. i just slapped him on the leg for that. and he is laughing but it is not funny.
you wanna talk about poo, sunshine, that’s fine but NOT IN MY NAME.

-Redbaron responds – I found it very funny and also it did in fact lure you into commenting for the first time in I don’t know how long so double whammy!!!-

comment added :: 10th March 2006, 22:44 GMT+01
Jimmy Sunshine made this comment,
for a handy definition of failure, you must try looking here (sorry to change the subject, but this is funny)…

comment added :: 14th March 2006, 15:23 GMT+01
Pimme made this comment,
*Wishing that I could say that I was too busy to blog due to companionship from the opposite sex!*
It’s always fun to read our own thoughts from years past.

Have fun! I’ll be busy doing laundry, or something.

comment added :: 16th March 2006, 04:51 GMT+01 :: http://pimme.blog-city.com
baracuda made this comment,
I assume/hope your blogging hiatus has not affected your TV watching and that you saw the mighty green army crushing the puny English defence on Saturday???
comment added :: 20th March 2006, 08:52 GMT+01 :: http://myveryownblog.blog-city.com/
Fallen Angel made this comment,
I know the feeling.. many seem to be taking blog breaks lately.. that being said though, hope to see you back soon 🙂
comment added :: 23rd March 2006, 13:19 GMT+01
Fallen Angel made this comment,
I know the feeling.. many seem to be taking blog breaks lately.. that being said though, hope to see you back soon 🙂
comment added :: 23rd March 2006, 13:20 GMT+01
Spike made this comment,
Thesis writting is horrible, my sympathys to your girlfriend. I enjoyed my Thesis but still hated doing the write up by the end!
comment added :: 23rd March 2006, 17:09 GMT+01