I am delighted to announce that redbaron.blog-city.com has been chosen to host the Sixth Edition of the Carnival of Socialism on the 9th July.

So, now is the call to arms, your chance to submit the best writings of a leftist bent, be they socialist, socio-communist, communist, anarchist, environmentalist etc. etc. they will be gratefully received, not to mention giving me something good to read during my extended convalescence.

For examples of previous carnivals take a look on the Carnival of Socialism main page or take a look at the Fifth Carnival.

The carnival is obviously only as strong as the submissions of the participants so what are you waiting for, let’s have some rabble-rousing thought-provoking essays and commentaries. You can either give me a link to the pieces on your blog or send me an email (ask for details). And yes I mean you, I don’t care if you don’t normally dabble in political writing you know you want to now.

The convalescence is due to the rather impromptu hospital visit I alluded to earlier and the full gory details of my visit and subsequent recuperation period punctuated by moving house is listed in its gory details on Redbaron2. Suffice to say I remain on the sick for some time but now do so in a new flat.

Right what are you doing still here the time for reading is over, it’s time for writing.

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jr made this comment,
congrats on hosting the carnival of socialism
-Redbaron responds – Thanks mate, I’m quite honoured really, it’s nice to feel part of things!-

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john made this comment,
Just a little rant that I will publish on Sunday h ttp://www.bigjohn.blog-city.com/im_almost_a_champa gne_socialist.htm On Sunday link to http://www.bigjohn.blog-city.com if you consider it to be worth mentioning. Hope that you are recovering mate.
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